Eluveitie re-sign to Nuclear Blast Records

Eluveitie band pic
Nuclear Blast Records is proud to anounce, that the Swiss folk metal stars Eluveitie have signed a new record deal with the German based label.

Over ten years ago, in November 2007, the unknown Swiss folk-metal newcomers Eluveitie signed their first contract with Nuclear Blast and became an internationally successful act, with the release of their label debut “Slania”.

Five more incredibly successful studio albums followed and now the band have signed a new deal with the label so that the formidable pairing can continue to produce even more greatness.

Mastermind Chrigel Glanzmann states:
“OK, this sounds like one of these "official statements" you're asked for, these things "you're supposed to say". But it's really not like this. We really mean this from all our hearts: We're super fucking happy to announce this! To be signed to Nuclear Blast was our dream back in the day (when we were recording "Vên" and "Spirit"), because we thought it's just the best and coolest label in metal music. And then it happended: We got signed by Nuclear Blast some years later. The amazing thing today: After ten fucking years of working together, nothing of this opinion changed! We know, there's a lot of kids around, blaming Nuclear Blast for being a "big company", for "being commercial and mainstream", etc. But let us tell you - each single person working at Nuclear Blast we got to know over the years (which is nearly all of them meanwhile) works there, because of his or her passion for music, for metal! Each single one of them is a fucking idealist and believes in metal music! This is a place where Eluveitie belongs! To metal! Today our collaboration with Nuclear Blast is not business-like, really. It's working together with friends, we know, respect and like on a personal level. And this is why we're really happy and also proud to announce this common desicion!”...

Markus Staiger adds:
“We are very happy that Eluveitie and Nuclear Blast Records can continue as a team. Eluveitie became a very big success of our label and everyone in the band, their management and crew also became trustful and close friends. For us, it is a pleasure to work with such highly gifted musicians. Never change a winning team!”...

Eluveitie released their second studio album “Slania” over a decade ago and to celebrate, the band have announced a very special anniversary edition of this masterpiece. “Slania - 10 Years” includes a raft of bonus tracks, including demos and acoustic versions, and will be released on November 16th, via Nuclear Blast Records.

Pre-order “Slania - 10 Years” here.

Jonas Wolf - Guitars
Matteo Sisti - Whistles, bagpipes, mandola
Nicole Ansperger - Fiddle
Alain Ackermann - Drums
Chrigel Glanzmann - Vocals, whistles, mandola, bagpipes, bodhran
Fabienne Erni - Vocals, celtic harp, mandola
Kay Brem - Bass
Michalina Malisz - Hurdy gurdy
Rafael Salzmann - Guitars