The Dreamer Within to release debut EP “This is Not Our Home” on September 30th 2016

The Dreamer Within This is Not Our Home EP cover
Combining their love of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) with blistering guitar riffs, ruthless breakdowns and catchy vocal melodies, The Dreamer Within won't leave you standing still for long!

The band have just announced they will be releasing their debut EP “This is Not Our Home” on September 30th, and are giving away the track “Purge” for free via their Bandcamp here.

Hailing from Exeter, UK, the 5 piece “Electronicore” band make serious use of electronic elements to create a diverse atmosphere; one minute you can imagine yourself raving in Ibiza, while the next you're showing off your best air guitar skills. Expect soaring technical leads that will find you searching for guitar tabs immediately and synth lines that wouldn't be unwelcome on the latest EDM/Trance Anthems Compilation!

Writing songs with a dark feel but with an underlying positive message is one of the elements that sets this group apart in “metal” music today - Drawing on inspiration from supernatural theories, mankind's place in the universe, depression, politics and even their favourite video games.

Since forming in the summer of 2014 the band have already shared a stage with the likes of I Divide, Glamour of the Kill, Skindred and Palisades to name a few, and are fresh off the back of their first UK tour.

Matt Stuart - Vocals
Charlie Smith - Guitars/Vocals
Alex Hepworth - Guitars/Synths
Josh Hepworth - Bass
Eliott Lipscombe - Drums

1. Origins
2. Purge
3. C.M.N.K.S
4. The Castle
5. Omega