Diamond Dogs to release new studio album “Recall Rock ‘n’ Roll & The Magic Soul” on September 27th 2019

Diamond Dogs Recall Rock ‘n’ Roll & The Magic Soul cover
Diamond Dogs will release their long awaited and highly anticipated new album “Recall Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Magic Soul” on September 27th, 2019.
Watch the video for the title track below.
The Swedish Rock N Rollers hit back with a swaggering and nifty collection of songs just to remind us how much we missed them
After splitting up in 2015 the original members Sulo (vocals) & Honk (Keys) kept busy with solo careers and other projects.
When they kept getting fan mail from all over the world asking for new albums and tours they realized that they’re special mix of early 70s UK glam and blue-eyed Soul was a genre that no one claimed anymore. And for those who’ve been waiting... you won’t be disappointed!
“Recall Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Magic Soul” is everything you wanted and more. A perfect mix of gritty rockers, southern soul country ballads and groovy glam rhythm and blues.
The kings are back on their very own throne!

The new studio album “Recall Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Magic Soul” is due to release on September 27th, 2019, on Wild Kingdom Records. Pre-order CD, Vinyl and digital here.

1. Recall Rock ‘n’ Roll
2. Valentina (Queen of Broken Hearts)
3. Singin’ with Elvis
4. Heavy Swing
5. There is a Fire Down There
6. Small Town Girl
7. Soul Folks
8. Good Times (feat. Spike Gray) [Alternative Version]
9. Don’t Fight It, Feel It (Alternative Version)
10. Somebody Have Mercy (feat. Louise Hoffsten) [Alternative Version]
11. Keep Movin’ On (feat. Nicke Andersson) [Alternative Version]
12. Nothing Can Change This Love (feat. Danny Bowes) [Alternative Version]
13. Sugar Dumpling (feat. Papa Dee) [Alternative Version]

Diamond Dogs will play two shows at the legendary Dublin Castle in Camden, London just prior to their album release. Both nights will include special guests. Get tickets here.
UK Live Shows 2019:
Sep 26th  London – Dublin Castle
Sep 27th  London – Dublin Castle