Deflore and Jaz Coleman to release “Party in the Chaos” EP on June 28th 2019

Deflore and Jaz Coleman to release Party in the Chaos EP cover
Subsound Records is very proud and excited to announce the release born from the collaboration between Jaz Coleman and instrumental industrial duo Deflore!

A harsh fusion of math rock, power electronics and noise by industrial psychedelic veterans meets the man himself! “Party in the Chaos” out worldwide on June 28th, 2019, available as CD/LP and Digital!

Jaz Coleman: “Over the last 30 years I’ve been asked one question over and over again: What new band do you like? And the answer generally has been zero. There are not many new bands that I like, except while I was on tour, we played Rome with Killing Joke and the opening act was just stunning. They were so powerful, such epic sounds, so cinematic.To cut a long story short, they came to Prague and we’ve just done a fantastic EP together and it’s such beautiful music. I hope everybody gets a listen to this incredible Italian band Deflore!”...

Deflore: “For many years we have been looking for a singer that could understand our music to give us something more, then unexpectedly, Jaz found us. When you end up working with your music hero it’s incredible, it’s like a dream come true and it’s the best award for our long music career”.

1. Party in the Chaos
2. Sunset in the West
3. Transhuman World

The EP has been recorded in Prague at Faust Records Studio during December 2017 and mixed at Enem Studio by Derek Saxenmeyer in June 2018. Mastered in London at Fluid Mastering by Oli Morgan. Artwork and design by Petulia Mattioli.

Christian Ceccarelli - Bass, electronics and synthesizers
Emiliano Di Lodovico - Guitars and synthesizers
Jaz Coleman - Vocals and synthesizers: Track 1 - 3 - Piano: Track 2