Death Wolf - II: Black Armoured Death on February 18th

Death Wolf II: Black Armoured Death cover
Death Wolf's second studio album "II: Black Armoured Death" has been scheduled for a European release on February 18th, 2013. The new album marks a turning point in the band's career. Although fans of the band can be sure to get want they expect, Death Wolf have managed to deliver their most diverse material to date. Besides typical Death Wolf tunes, many of the songs come with a deathly Thrash/Punk edge whereas others show a more epic side of the Death Wolf.
"II: Black Armoured Death" will be available as a limited Deluxe Digipak CD (including a woven patch of the cover artwork), as heavy vinyl LP as well as digital download. An exclusive colored vinyl version will be available through CM Distro only. Pre-orders will start in late January. Make sure not to miss the chance of getting one of those super limited colored wax jewels.
1. Noche De Brujas
2. World Serpent
3. Lord Of Putrefaction
4. Darkness Of Hel
5. Sudden Bloodletter
6. Malice Striker
7. Night Stalker
8. Luciferian Blood Covenant
9. Black Armoured Death
10. Death Wolf March
11. Little Black Angel
12. Snake Mountain
13. Rothenburg
To bridge the time until the release of "II: Black Armoured Death" you can now purchase the limited 7inch EP "Bloodscent", a foretaste of what's to come here.
"Bloodscent" is limited to only 500 handnumbered copies on white vinyl, of which 300 copies are available for the European market and 200 are reserved for North America (to be released a bit later this year).
Death Wolf live: 
On tour in the US together with MARDUK, MOONSPELL and INQUISITION in February/March 2013 - tourdates to be announced soon!