Deadlock announces new singer Margie Gerlitz

Margie Gerlitz
After Sabine Scherer, female power frontwoman of Deadlock since 2005, took a break during her maternity leave, she has now decided to leave Deadlock completely to have more time for her family and her two children.
But no need to worry! With Margie Gerlitz Deadlock have found the perfect replacement and now Margie has joined as a permanent singer of the band. Her work as a vocal coach ties in perfectly with the quality and inventiveness of Sabine, without sounding like a simple copy. Deadlock have risen from the ashes, scarred, but with their heads held high, fully fueled with new strength and their well-known passion.
Songwriter Sebastian Reichl on the line-up change:
“I am extremely thankful for everything Sabine did for this Band and I am happy that she issued the blessing to Margie. She is a fantastic singer, performer and she fits perfectly with the team. Please welcome the great Margie Gerlitz as the new female singer of Deadlock.

Margie Gerlitz states:
“I'm very happy to have the chance to join Deadlock on the female vocals. Sabine and the boys formed a great band over the past years and I'm happy to be a part of it from now on. I'm looking forward to the future!”...
Sabine has released a special farewell video for her fans and supporters. Keep your eyes & ears open, as this video includes a first audio sample with Margie as well! Check it out below.
More info & news coming very soon!