Dead Conspiracy to release new self-titled album on November 15th 2016

Dead Conspiracy cover
Portland's first-ever death metal band is back with a renewed lease on life and is set to punish fans - new and old - with their first full-length LP of new material.

Dead Conspiracy will give rise to their self-titled beast on November 15th, 2016.

Dead Conspiracy” will be available through the band on vinyl and digital formats. Exile Musik will release the album on cassette. CDs featuring the 1987 demo and a cover track recorded for Tribute To Headhunter Death Cult will be available in Brazil by Funeral Rites Records.  

Vinyl and digital pre-orders and a stream of album track “The Earth Rots in a Grave” are available here.

The follow-up to the band's critically-acclaimed 2014 “Abomination Underground”, the self-titled album is an utterly destructive, dark, depraved, and disgustingly satisfying piece of death metal that fans of Death, Gruesome, Sodom, Massacre and all the old gods will surely appreciate.

This is beyond old school - this is fucking original!

1. Blood Everywhere
2. In The Wake Of The Butcher
3. The Earth Rots In A Grave
4. Cruelty Through Ripping Torture
5. Born Again Massacre
6. Antietam / Vultures Feeding
7. The Edge Of Darkness
8. Crawling Dread
9. Paralyzed With Terror

Formed in 1986, Dead Conspiracy was a pioneering influence on multitudes of blackened death thrash metal bands worldwide. A series of demo tapes followed before the band sunk into the shadows in the early-90s. In 2006 Hells Headbangers Records contacted members of Dead Conspiracy in 2006 with the idea of releasing a compilation of the band's demos. The result was the 19-track Gore Drenched Legacy, complete with a booklet full of liner notes, photos, lyrics and concert fliers. The deal with Hells Headbangers awakened the beast and Dead Conspiracy returned with a new lineup at 2012's Goregon Massacre Festival III.

With the addition of Mike Abominator formerly of Gravehill on vocals and new drummer Eric A, Dead Conspiracy are sounding more brutal than ever!

“Dead Conspiracy was one of the world's first death metal bands. We were seriously surprised at how heavy and driving and intricate the material was, well advanced back in the day; before it's time. Fucking glad it's finally getting out there!” - Mitch Harris (Napalm Death)

“If you like old school, brutal, pounding death metal then you MUST check out Dead Conspiracy! You'll be headbanging so violently that your neck will never forgive you!” - Richard Christy (Death, Charred Walls of the Damned, The Howard Stern Show)