Darktribe - debut album details

Darktribe from France was originally founded by the Agnello brothers, Anthony (vocals) and Julien (drums), in 2009. Soon their long-time friends Bruno Caprani (bass) and Loïc Manuello (guitars) joined the band. Darktribe quickly showed their passion of sharing music by recording their first EP "Natural Defender" the same year.
After a period of shows and composing, Darktribe wanted to go further by imposing their own style and entered the at ARTMUSIC Studio in Nice (France) to record their upcoming debut album with Sebb Camhi. Later the album was mixed and mastered at the famous Finnvox Studios in Finland by Mikko Karmila (Nightwish, Masterplan) and Mika Jussila (Sonata Arctica, Amorphis).
The album deals with the path of self-destruction to which the human civilization moves by ruining earth. Powerful vocals, heavy guitars and progressive rhythms meet melodic and symphonic parts - that's how you can describe Darktribe's sound.
Darktribe's debut "Mysticeti Victoria" will be released worldwide on August 24, 2012 via Massacre Records!
If you're in France, you can enjoy them live here:
Anthony Agnello - Gesang
Loïc Manuello - Gitarren
Bruno Caprani - Bass
Julien Agnello - Schlagzeug