Dark Passage to release debut album “The Legacy of Blood” on April 3rd 2020

Dark Passage The Legacy of Blood cover
Italy’s heavy metal band Dark Passage has unleashed the official audio track “When I Killed the King”, first single off the upcoming debut album “The Legacy of Blood” coming out on April 3rd, 2020, via Rockshots Records.

The band comments on the track: “The commander kills the old king and prepares for a period of peace after he is taking over the crown”.

Listen to “When I Killed the King” and stream the new single on Spotify and iTunes.

“The Legacy of Blood” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Massimiliano Flak (Sound Storm, Highlord) at Evolution Studios (Torino, Italy).

Pre-order “The Legacy of Blood” here.

1. The Father and the Son
2. Heavens Bent
3. To Cleanse with Blood
4. When I Killed the King
5. Hatching Lies
6. Lie
7. Legacy to Stand
8. The Legacy Of Blood
9. A Roll of Dice
10. An Outcast’s Choice
11. Royal Breed
12. Crown Prince
13. Son of War
14. Charade Of Souls
15. The Last Defeat
16. Words of Wisdom

Formed back in 2012, band’s intention is to merge the lyrical, melodic and epic concept of classic heavy metal with a rhythmic style closer to the teutonic and the more melodic thrash metal.

Giovanni Lauria: Bass, lead vocals
Marco Fontana: Fuitar
Paolo Boraso: Fuitar
Christian Fiume: Drums