Dark Matter to release debut album “Nebula to Black Hole” on January 31st 2020

Dark Matter Nebula to Black Hole cover
After two singles, Dark Matter are ready to release their debut album titled “Nebula to Black Hole”, where they paint melancholic, introspective and ethereal musical landscapes thanks to an extremely amazing sound.

The album features 8 songs, great guests from all around the world and everything is held together by the dark art of this creature headed by the visionary Aria Moghaddam from Iran and his talented band mate Mehdi 14CH.

Many artists have contributed to this album like Daniel Cavanagh from Anathema, Thomas Helm from Empyrium, Juuso Raatikainen from Swallow The Sun and Fab Regmann from Antimatter, among others.

In the trailer below they are presented all… without them this album would not have been possible.

“Nebula to Black Hole” will be out via My Kingdom Music on January 31st, 2020, and it will be a long musical journey into the beautiful art of Dark Matter.

Pre-order the album here.

1. Except Love
2. Earthless Child
3. Theory of X
4. Imperfect Universe
5. Void Wor(l)d
6. Funeral Pt1
7. Funeral Pt1
8. Black Hole

The cover of the album was done by Ahmad Barqawi.