Danny Bryant to release new studio album “Means of Escape” on September 20th 2019

Danny Bryant Means of Escape cover
Danny Bryant, the critically acclaimed British Blues rock guitarist, is pleased to announce the release of his 11th studio album, “Means of Escape”. The album will be released by Jazzhaus Records on Friday September 20th, 2019, on CD, digital and 180g white vinyl.

The title track “Means of Escape” will be released as the first single on Friday 8th July. An official music video will accompany the single.

“Bryant, who has been described as a "National Blues Treasure” by Classic Rock magazine, returns with his most powerful collection of songs to date. Making his debut as a producer, the guitarist assembled a truly stellar collection of world class personnel to help him to craft an album that he has been "waiting his whole career to create"”.

Engineered by Grammy Award-winning engineer Ian Dowling (Adele, KT Tunstall) and recorded at Lincolnshire’s famed Chapel Studios, “Means of Escape” features nine tracks of blistering blues rock of the highest caliber.

From the thundering opening bars of “Tired of Trying”, to the haunting melody of the closing instrumental, “Mya”. The entire album is an emotional rollercoaster that hits you right between the eyes and straight through the heart.

Mixed in Nashville by the legendary Eddie Spear (Rival Sons, U2, Chris Stapleton), “Means of Escape” delivers on the artist’s promise to make a collection of Blues Rock songs that are powerful, contemporary and bold. Featuring Bryant’s dynamic touring band, many of the tracks were recorded live in the studio in one or two takes.

The album burns with energy and emotion from the start and never fades. From the primal cry of “Too Far Gone”, to the explosive slide playing of “Hurting Time”, Danny Bryant is at the top of his A game.

Mastered at London’s world-famous Abbey Road Studios by Grammy award-winning Sean Magee (Gary Moore, The Rolling Stones), Bryant has finally captured the raw energy and excitement of his live shows.

“This album was a joy to make from start to finish”, says Danny. “I can honestly say I’m proud of this piece of work more than anything I have done in my 20-year career. Music is my release in the world, it’s my way of surviving, it’s my means of escape”.

Danny goes into more depth about the making of the new album: “I decided to produce this record myself. The primary reason being that I had a selection of songs that I felt would benefit from being cut ‘live’ in the studio, with myself and the band all playing together, feeding off the energy in the room, and capturing the magic of a live performance. I wanted these songs to retain their urgency and excitement and not get lost in over production. For the sessions, we used my regular road band (both four-piece and Big Band formats) and, for the most part, that is how we made the album – minimal overdubs and lots of fun and passion.

For the recording process, I wanted to surround myself with the best of the best to help me achieve the desired impact and create a recording of the highest audio quality. We chose Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire due to its fantastic sounding live room and huge selection of high-end vintage equipment. To record and engineer the album we selected Ian Dowling. Once the album was recorded, the sessions were then mixed in Nashville by the legendary Eddie Spear. Eddie has worked with a whole host of bands such as U2, Rival Sons, and Chris Stapleton, and across many genres. I am a fan of his mixes. The brief was to achieve a clear, powerful and modern sounding studio album. I’m proud of the results”.

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1. Tired of Trying
2. Too Far Gone
3. Means of Escape
4. Nine Lives
5. Skin and Bone
6. Warning Signs (In Her Eyes)
7. Where the River Ends
8. Hurting Time
9. Mya

Track by Track:

Tired of Trying:
I wrote this song while I was on tour in Germany. I had met up with my long-time mentor and dear friend, Walter Trout. We went for dinner and he asked me what I was planning for my next album. I told him that I was tired of trying to second-guess what was best for me and what direction my next project should take. I always want the people who consume my music to enjoy it, that is of absolute paramount to me. I want to always evolve and learn new things with each release. He told me “just be yourself, but never be afraid to wear your influences on your sleeve”. I went back to my room and wrote this. It’s a straight-up nod to Walter's unique style and certainly an ‘influence firmly on my sleeve moment’! It is dedicated to Walter with much love and respect.

Too Far Gone:
This tune features the entire Big Band. We have so much fun touring with this band. I always dreamed of being surrounded by a big band and I wrote this song with the idea of how much fun it will be to play on our tours. This was a first take.

Means of Escape:
The title of this song is a reference to how I have always felt about creating and being surrounded by music. Through all periods of my life music has been a constant. Through good and bad. It has been my focus and my release; my means of escape. I think many people have this connection with music and art, it is a beautiful relationship.

Nine Lives:
This is straight-up Texas Blues! It features a great Hammond solo from Stevie and the kind of song we jam out on at impromptu moments at our gigs.

Skin and Bone:
I wrote this song very quickly with an acoustic guitar (much the same as you hear on the album). The lyrics are me talking to my dad and how badly I miss him and how much it hurt me watching him when he was ill. I tried to be as raw and as honest as possible with this song.

Warning Signs (In Her Eyes):
I had the riff for this song for a long time, but I needed to find a way to connect the whole thing together. The minute I started to run through it with the band I knew it needed horns on there to make it complete. Musically it is a nod to the late, great Gary Moore.

Where the River Ends:
I wrote this song a long time ago for a friend who lost his daughter. I recorded it back then, but never felt that I quite did it justice. It was lovely to get a chance to record this the way I had always imagined it.

Hurting Time:
On this song, we went for that old-time Blues feel. I think this is my slide guitar playing debut.

I wrote the melody and I was going to write a whole set of lyrics, but when we started playing it, I realised that it said so much more as an instrumental. The melody carries the whole thing, and we recorded it in one take. I think it’s a beautiful way to finish the album. I knew it would only work as the last track.

UK Tour Dates 2019:
Friday 20 September - Dingwalls, Camden
Thursday 3 October - The Flowerpot, Derby
Friday 4 October - Electric Palace, Bridport
Tuesday 8 October - Music Room, Liverpool
Wednesday 9 October - Backstage, Kinross
Thursday 10 October - Real Time Live, Chesterfield
Sunday 13 October - Kirkgate Theatre, Cockermouth
Wednesday 16 October - Georgian Theatre, Stockton
Thursday 17 October - The Live Rooms, Chester
Saturday 19 October - Louth Town Hall, Louth

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