Damage S.F.P. release music video for new single “Tragedy”

Damage S.F.P. video pic
Finland’s Damage S.F.P. have unveiled new video for “Tragedy”, second single taken from the self-titled debut album due out on June 14th, via Rockshots Records.

The video for “Tragedy” can be watched below.

Damage S.F.P bringing in influences from old school thrash and death metal made with modern sounds and mastering.

The album is an amalgamation of 30 years of music created by the band after first forming in 1989 as three childhood friends. During the band’s existence, they released three demos in the 90s: 1992, 1993 and 1996 along with a promo tape in 1994 and continued performing until 1996 before disbanding.

Moshing in 2018, Damage S.F.P. was reformed by guitarist Nikkilä and drummer Lipsonen with bassist Remes hearing the call to arms to rejoin his schoolyard headbangers. The trio returns 30 years after first picking up their instruments to destroy audiences and are now ready to unleash what has been a long time coming in their debut self-titled album, which features eleven of their best whip lashing tracks.

The band adds:
“This album is our debut, but at the same time collection of our best songs. It is diverse, bringing in influences from both thrash and death metal, but not forgetting the beautiful melodies of heavy metal. At the far end of the album you can find a short track called "Grain Brain", which is almost grindcore, then on the other end is "In Termination", an epic song with Amorphis and Iron Maiden vibes”.

Pre-order the album here.   

1. Ride
2. Death of Innocent
3. Ruthless Fate
4. Tyrants
5. Insomnium (inst.)
6. Ode to Sorrow
7. Tragedy
8. Grain Brain
9. Crying for Relief
10. In Termination
11. Burst of Rage

Live Shows 2019:
31.5. Nosturi, Helsinki (FIN)
29.6. Private Festival, Oulu (FIN)
6.7. Tyrärock Festival, Tyrnävä (FIN)
24.8. Kaliningrad in Rock Festival, Kaliningrad (RUS)
7.9. Debauchery in Thrash / Death Madness, St. Petersburg (RUS)

Jarkko “Jaake” Nikkilä – Vocals and Guitars
Antti Remes – Bass
Tero Lipsonen – Drums