Cyrox signs licensing deal with Wormholedeath for the release of new album “Beyond Control”

Cyrox Beyond Control cover
Austrian Death/Thrash metal act Cyrox have signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their album “Beyond Control”. More info coming soon!

The music of Cyrox can roughly be described as a mixture between Death and Thrash Metal, whereby they try to fit into no genre specifically. The influences range from Rock to Black Metal.

Band statement:
“We are very excited to become a part of the WormHoleDeath family. This marks the next big step for our band and we are ready to take it. With the worldwide release of our debut album "Beyond Control" we are proud of the opportunity to take our music out there and show the metal fans our take on real Austrian Metal. We are looking forward to a long and great relationship. Lets riff”!
About “Beyond Control”:

“The album is about things you have to deal with in your personal life, whether its physical or psychological and you have no influence on it. For example the song ¨"Frozen ιn Life" is written from the view of a man who is in a vegetative state and wants his life to be ended. The song "My Insanity" is about sleep paralysis. Gernot and Andreas came up with the concept and the lyrics after the songs were done instrumentally”.

The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Mike Dreschnig.

Check out an album teaser below.

1. Doomsday
2. Broken
3. Frozen in Life
4. My Insanity
5. Blackened Mind
6. Won’t Disappear
7. Massive Concussion
8. Can’t You See

The band was founded under the name Black Void in February 2016 in Leoben, Austria, by drummer Markus Antoniol from St. Stefan ob Leoben and guitarist Gernot Weber from Eisenerz, who have been friends since early youth and played together in various bands.

We soon found our second guitarist Christian Gallmayer, who is a colleague of Markus. For about a month we were looking for a bass player, when Gernot heard about a guitarist named Andreas Fahrleitner who was doing a solo cover show in his home town of Radmer. Gernot watched some clips of his show and contacted him if he was interested in joining the band, which he did, so Gernot switched from guitar to bass.

The next problem, however, was that Andreas and Christian had to do their military service in the Austrian army for six months, so they didn't really have time to make music. So the band took a break until November 2016.

Finally, Manuel Kirchleitner from Trofaiach joined the band as a singer, who is also a colleague of Markus and Christian. We changed the name from Black Void to Cyrox and started jamming again and soon the first songs were born.

Our first gig was in December 2017 in Eisenerz, Austria. From that on we played live on a regular basis up till the first lockdown in Austria in March 2020.

In May 2020 Christian Gallmayer left the band, because of privat circumstances which didn’t allow him to put any more time in the band. He was replaced in June 2020 by Leo Buchegger.

In April 2021 Markus Antoniol had to leave the band, he was replaced in May 2021 by Andreas Tobias.

Manuel Kirchleitner - Vocals
Andreas Fahrleitner - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Leo Buchegger - Rythm Guitar
Gernot Weber - Bass and Backing Vocals
Andreas Tobias - Drums