Cult Of Scarecrow releases new music video for “Last Words from Black Birds - An Apocalyptic Tale”

Cult Of Scarecrow video pic
Today, Cult of Scarecrow releases its very first video, titled “Last Words from Black Birds - An Apocalyptic Tale”.

“Last Words from Black Birds” is a track taken from Cult Of Scarecrow’s self-released debut EP on November 4th, 2018. The EP is available on CD or download on Bandcamp. Streaming on all major platforms e.g. iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube etc.

Watch the video for “Last Words from Black Birds - An Apocalyptic Tale” below.

Cult Of Scarecrow is a relatively new Belgian metal band. Their music can be described as epic doom metal, melodic but dark, with intense riffs and vocals. Their lyrics bathe in an atmosphere of hopelessness, despondency and dejection. The self-destruction of mankind by wasting its own planet is one of the main themes.

“Last Words from Black Birds" is an indictment to all powers that value money more than the future of our children. The band says: “If we all keep going on like this, the planet will not survive very much longer. The apocalypse is near. No clue what will happen, but it will”.

The video was filmed in the vicinity of their home base, the region of East-Flanders in Belgium. There’s a leading role in it for Doel, a ghost town close to the immense Port of Antwerp. The town was abandoned by almost all of its inhabitants in the late 90s. Also mind the cooling tower of the nearby nuclear plant in the video!

The video was directed by Yana Poppe, eldest daughter of the band’s bassist.

Filip De Wilde : Lead Vocals
Jan Van Der Poorten : Guitar
Ivan De Strooper : Guitar
Gunther Poppe : Bass & Backing Vocals
Eddy Scheire : Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Nico Regelbrugge : Drums