Crest Of Darkness premiere new track “The Child with No Head”

Crest Of Darkness video pic
Norwegian Black Metal veterans Crest Of Darkness premiere new song titled “The Child with No Head”. This is the first track from band’s new full-length “The God of Flesh”, which will land in stores on December 6th, 2019. Listen to the new track below.

Mastermind Ingar Amlien commented: “Here we are, yet another chapter written in the book of Crest Of Darkness, with a track that probably is one of the most violent and extreme we have ever written in our career. Turn up the f***ing volume and you’ll be overwhelmed by its sense of definitive lost and no hope at all”.

"The God Of Flesh" is nine tracks filled with Crest Of Darkness’ trademark Satanic themes. But this time the band has expanded the feel, variety and depth of their music, showing them to be as much at home with more progressive and melodic elements, as they are with the aggressive and dark, brutal side, for which they are known.

“This is probably the darkest and most brutal album we’ve ever made! It’s also the most honest work ever from my perspective”. So says Crest Of Darkness founder Ingar Amlien about “The God of Flesh”, the ninth full-length album from the Norwegian Black Metal veterans.

The cover art was done by Marius Engli Andersson.

“The God of Flesh” will be available in digipak CD, Deluxe Edition, Vinyl and Digital formats, and is now available to pre-order here.

1. The God of Flesh
2. The Child with no Head
3. Endless Night
4. The Spawn of Seth
5. Forgotten
6. Euthanasia
7. Blood
8. Godless Evil Eyes
9. Salvation in Hell

Recorded and mixed at the MLP Studio and Engineered by Nils H. Mæhlum, with guitars being recorded at Attic 43 and engineered by Rebo, “The God of Flesh” was produced by Crest Of Darkness and mastered at the Kvålsonic Lab by Tom Kvålsvoll. With all lyrics by Amlien and music by Amlien, Rebo and Bernhard, except for the track “Forgotten”, where Amlien joins forces with the album’s session keyboardist Kristian Wentzel.

Seeking an outlet for his passion for sonic brutality and his interest in Vampirism and Satanic ideology, on which he is an acknowledged expert, Amlien formed Crest Of Darkness in the mid nineties.

The band today, which Amlien considers to be the strongest lineup to date, consists of Amlien (Conception, Roquefire, Amlien’s Inferno) on bass and vocals, Rebo on rhythm and lead Guitars, and Berhard (ex- Pale Forest) on drums.

Of the new album and the contribution made by his band mates, Amlien had this to say: “During the whole production of the album I was thinking that now, more than ever before, I wanted to make an album my way! And, as a result, we haven’t made any compromises whatsoever, in any direction. And I’m very fortunate to be able to say that I was not alone during the whole process. With the help of my fantastic band mates Rebo and Bernhard, it became possible to bring my darkest fantasies and visions to life through "The God of Flesh"”...