Controversial reveal new music video for “Formicidae”

Controversial video pic
Ahead of an appearance at this year’s UK Tech Fest, German technical death metal assailants Controversial have started their year with a bold statement on humanity, and the video single release of “Formicidae”.

Drawn from their late 2019 album “Revelation” and armed with an arsenal of crushingly chuggy, quick-fire riffs backed with flashes of intense rhythmic aggression, “Formicidae” presents yet another provocative topic of discussion from the quintet. Led by the near-demonic vocal presence of Jonas Langhammer, “Formicidae” is clearly a critical statement on modern society. As humanity continues to blindly obey the dominating masses, the potential of the individual seems progressively weakened.

Watch the video for “Formicidae” below.

“Why aren’t we using any possibilities imprisoned in our own penitentiary?”, queries Controversial via their latest single. “We seem content to simply follow the stream of consumption, and neglect the consequences of our actions. We see the horror of the world only through tinted glass”. 

The title of Controversial’s latest single refers to the common ant, which acts seemingly without consideration of their actions, almost controlled by a larger, controlling consciousness. The band liken this concept to modern human behaviour and exploitation, which has been scorned for the massive consequences it will bring in the future. From the enormous consumption of energy and non-renewable resources to the apparent inability to act as an individual for the greater good of mankind, “Formicidae” conveys anger towards the masses and a stern message that life cannot continue to exist in this fashion.

As Langhammer explains:
“During the time I wrote the lyrics for the song, I had been becoming more and more concerned with the topic of senseless consumption. I find it astonishing how we have managed to establish such a throwaway society. All that matters seems to be the cheapest price; Whether we need all of these goods or not ultimately doesn’t matter anymore. I hope that this mentality will change in the near future, because we are currently digging mass graves for the generations after us. I am a supporter of the current protests and hope that our society will change, because we simply have no choice if we wish to continue to exist”.

Controversial’s “Formicidae” single (and their “Revelation” album) is available to purchase and stream now via Bandcamp and Spotify. You can catch the band live at this year’s UK Tech Fest, with tickets available for purchase here.

Festivals 2020:
2nd-6th July - UK Tech Fest, Newark, UK
13th-15th August - Reload Festival, Sulingen, Germany
11th-12th September - Hellseatic Open Air, Bremen, Germany

Jonas Langhammer - Vocals
Emil Richters - Guitar
Hendrik Peetz - Guitar
Lukas Mehnert - Bass
Sven Schröder - Drums