Conception launches crowdfunding campaign to record first full length album in over two decades

Conception band pic
After a year which has seen Norwegian hard rock band Conception triumphantly returned to the musical fold with the highly acclaimed EP “My Dark Symphony” and a series of sold out shows, they now launch a new campaign aiming to record their first full length album since 1997.

The tremendous response to the EP crowdfunding venture, allied to the band’s desire to retain control of the record releasing process, meant that a new pre-order campaign to support the forthcoming album was always likely. This despite the problems posed by the bankruptcy of previous partner Pledge Music; having seen to it that all fans have received any missing orders, the band is set to move forward with a new crowd funding venture which ensures that the band are now in direct control of income, and hence can ensure that all orders are processed without issue.

Says singer Roy Khan: “We are so grateful to our fantastic fans and the support they have shown, so it feels natural to move on to a full album. We have lots of new exciting material we long to complete and just cross our fingers that we will be able to release a full album in 2020!”...

Check out the crowdfunding campaign here.