Civil War vocalist Nils Patrik Johansson leaves the band

Civil War Euro Tour 2017 poster
According to a statement on Civil War's official FB page, the vocalist Nils Patrik Johansson has left the band all of a sudden.

Here's the official statement of the band:
“Good evening to you all! As some of you probably already noticed our vocalist Patrik suddenly left the band without any further notice. It came as a really big surprise to us all. We just had a meeting and we came to the conclusion that Civil War will go on, and all planned gigs and festivals will be done as planned! We'll take the holidays now to let all this sink in and then we'll start the hunt for a new singer after that. Best Regards - Myhr, Mullback, Rikard and Petrus”...

Civil War recently announced their “Road to Victory Tour 2017”. The band will be supported by Nightmare on all tour dates.

Nightmare stated:
“We are proud to announce, in cooperation with Napalm Events, that Nightmare and Civil War will join forces on the Road To Victory tour 2017. Both bands have released a brand new album in November and are now ready to hit the road, the road to victory”.

European Tour Dates 2017:
28.04.2017 LEIDEN (Netherlands), Gebr. De Nobel
29.04.2017 EINDHOVEN (Netherlands), Effenaar
30.04.2017 KORTRIJK (Belgium), De Kreun
01.05.2017 METZ (France), Guelard Plus
02.05.2017 PRATTELN (Switzerland), Z7
03.05.2017 MILANO (Italy), Circolo Colony
04.05.2017 MUNICH (Germany), Backstage
05.05.2017 NÜRNBERG (Germany), Der Cult
06.05.2017 WEINHEIM (Germany), Cafe Zentral
07.05.2017 HAMBURG (Germany), Bahnhof Pauli