Civil War part ways with guitarist Oskar Montelius & bassist Stefan Pizza Eriksson

Civil War band pic
Civil War will release a video for the song “Bay of Pigs”, taken from the upcoming album “Gods and Generals”, in the next couple of weeks.

In other news, the guitar player Oskar Montelius has decided to leave the band. Oskar’s last performance with the band is on the upcoming video.

Civil War have also decided to part ways with bass player Stefan Pizza Eriksson.

Here’s a statement from Oskar:
“Howdy! I have come to the decision that I am leaving the band. I have lost the spark and I feel it’s no fun to play music anymore. I love hanging with the guys, but I’m not willing to put down the work it takes to be in a band. So it is the best for everyone involved that I quit. Maybe I will pick up the guitar in the future, maybe I won’t. I’m wishing the guys in the band the best of luck in the future, and a big hurrah to all of you fans for all these years! Cheers!”...

Civil War stated:
“Thanks to Oskar and Stefan for what they have done for the band. We will not bring in any replacements. Mullback, Myhr, Rikard, Patrik and Petrus is the band from now on and we can’t wait to present the video and the upcoming album to the world. See you on the road...”

The band said also about the bassist issue on their FB page:
“Don’t worry about the bass-issue, we will solve it either like Blind Guardian or Powerwolf”.