Black Sheets Of Rain release lyric video for “Weight of Shadows”

Black Sheets Of Rain Weight of Shadows single cover
Black Sheets Of Rain mark Mental Health Awareness Week with the release of new single “Weight of Shadows” in aid of Ian’s Chain Charity.

Rising UK Metal trio Black Sheets Of Rain have released their new single “Weight of Shadows”, taken from their debut EP “In the Eye of the Storm”, which is out now on W.A.R Productions.

You can check out the lyric video for “Weight of Shadows” below.

“Weight of Shadows” talks about the experience of dealing with depression, and all proceeds from the download single (and 10% from every physical copy of the EP) will be donated to Ian’s Chain, a charity which counsels those struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, and supports people who have lost a loved one to suicide. For more information please see

Guitarist/vocalist Rich Davenport states: “I wrote the lyrics for "Weight of Shadows" after Robin Williams died; I was a huge fan, and I’ve had battles with depression myself over the years. I also read that he’d been given medication which can cause suicidal thoughts, which was also the case with Chris Cornell. I’ve had experience of that too, and people aren’t always aware that prescribed medication can have that effect. The verses of the song are trying to describe what depression can feel like, and the chorus is the voice of a friend talking to a person suffering with depression and feeling suicidal, offering to stay with them till it passes, whether it’s on the phone or in person. Ian’s Chain do amazing work in preventing suicide by talking to people struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, and also help people who’ve lost a loved one to suicide, so we’re keen to support them”.

The charity’s founders, Alan and Wendy Savill have issued the following statement in support of the release:
“Suicide is like the perfect world. It doesn’t discriminate, and affects people irrespective of gender, colour, wealth, social standing or religion. With 84 males and 20 females taking their own life weekly in the UK alone and every suicide affecting around 120 people directly this means 12000 are lead down a grief path every week. Of course not every person will go on to have their lives altered for life however the numbers are still horrific.

The feelings of anger, utter sorrow , guilt and shame are natural for those left behind. This can lead to mental health issues, the inability to work again or having to function knowing that tears can flow at the most inopportune moment. A simple sound, a smell , a piece of music or even a throwaway comment from a friend or colleague can bring a person right back to that fateful knock at the door by a police officer, or the time a note or body was found. How do I know? On 22nd December 2012 my son Ian took his own life. The words which came from the police officer three days before Christmas changed my life. Forever.

The proceeds from this EP will be used to fight the stigma of mental health and will directly prevent the tragedy of suicide. If you can do one thing when buying this music it’s this. Ask your friend family and colleagues how they are, and listen, really listen to the answer. Do they sound or look ok. If they don’t take time to talk, support and be there for them. You might be the missing piece of a jigsaw to prevent another death. Music is a great leveller. It can bring out every emotion within a four minute song. It is essential to the majority of people’s well-being.

From all at we want to thank Black Sheets Of Rain not only for their generosity but for helping to break down the unwarranted stigma of suicide and suicidal ideology. It is ok not to be ok. What is not ok is to ignore subtle cries for help through either ignorance embarrassment or shame.

So please, let’s start changing perceptions today. Because next time it could be you doorbell rung, and your life changed. You can survive tragedy, this is important. Most will. But let us all, in the name of Ian Savill take time to care about others. Thank you - In memory of Ian Savill 14.5.89 - 22.12.12”

The single is available directly from the band’s website here and also on all leading music platforms (iTunes, etc), as is their EP “In the Eye of the Storm”.

Taking their musical cues from classic acts like Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Kings X, Thin Lizzy, Accept, Metallica, Iron Maiden, UFO, Anthrax and Dio, Black Sheets Of Rain’s focus is on writing memorable songs delivered with relentless energy. Their sound distils influences from across the metal spectrum, from doom to thrash, into a hard-hitting contemporary sound. Pounding drums, rumbling bass, biting guitars and gritty vocals underpin the band’s heavy, melodic material.

A power trio in the vintage mould, the band feature David Nuttall (drums & vocals, ex-Toy Dolls), Matt Lambourne (bass & vocals, ex-Solomon Groove) and Rich Davenport (guitar, lead vocals, ex-See Red, Atomkraft). Songs from their forthcoming debut EP have already met with an enthusiastic reception at live shows supporting established UK Metal bands Eliminator, Seven Sisters and Conjuring Fate.

The track “Through the Storm” is featured in “Surprise”, a recent horror movie from Hermitage Wanderer/Greenhouse Films, which premiered in Manchester in November 2018 and will be sent to film festivals in 2019.

The band members have gigged extensively over the years in the UK and abroad, and have worked on a number of self-released albums, singles and EPs in previous projects. Shows will be forthcoming to promote the release of their debut EP “In the Eye of the Storm” in April 2019 on long-running Metal label W.A.R. Productions, with a view to following this with a full-length album in 2020.

Featured on “No Rest” is a guest vocal from Davenport’s former Atomkraft bandmate Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan (Venom Inc).

The EP was produced by Tony Wilson, producer of Tommy Vance’s legendary Friday Rock Show, and of countless sessions for John Peel’s long-running BBC radio show. Wilson has continued to work extensively as a producer, and the band enlisted him for the EP due to his expertise in producing radio sessions and live concert broadcasts which captured the energy and spontaneity of bands like Thin Lizzy, Dio and Iron Maiden, coupled with his knowledge of contemporary studio techniques.

Lyrically, many of the songs on the EP are about surviving difficult times (“Still Spark Something”, “Through the Storm”, “Force of Habit”). The track “Weight of Shadows” talks about the experience of dealing with depression, and will be released as a single in aid of Ian’s Chain, a charity which counsels those struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, and supports people who have lost a loved one to suicide. For more information click here.

David Nuttall – Drums/Vocals
Matt Lambourne – Bass/Vocals
Rich Davenport – Guitar/Lead Vocals