Aiming For Enrike to release new studio album “Music for Working Out” on January 10th 2020

Aiming For Enrike Music for Working Out cover
Maverick electro/math/post-rock duo Aiming For Enrike have announced their long-awaited new album, the aptly-named  “Music for Working Out”, due out on January 10th, 2020, via Pekula Records.

Pre-order the album here.

1. Christmas Eve
2. Don’t Hassle the Hoff
3. Infinity Rider
4. Hard Dance Brainia
5. Diving Within
6. Flat Beats
7. Undead Horse of Thunder and Metal
8. Ponzu Saiko
9. Spice Girls

It’s safe to say that Aiming For Enrike’s fame is mostly thanks to their frenetic, wild and engaging live shows – having toured extensively in USA, India, Japan, Czech Republic, Norway, England and Germany for several years. This year's travels saw the band tour the UK (including the esteemed ArcTanGent Festival), Japan, Europe and the USA, where Aiming For Enrike played an Audiotree session (released shortly).

The duo are known for experimenting with noisy musical transformations and frenetic sonic attacks, but increasingly are shifting their focus towards the club and dancefloor. The result - more futuristic, funky and increasingly communal music.

Imagine a combination of Battles, Talking Heads, Jon Hopkins, Three Trapped Tigers, The Algorithm and you'll come close to the sounds created by Aiming For Enrike.
Energy and explosiveness have always been key musical factors for Aiming For Enrike, and there’s no doubt that the band live entirely in their own universe, where everything revolves around their insane instrumental chemistry and sparks flying between drummer Tobias Ørnes Andersen and guitarist Simen Følstad Nilsen.

Stay tuned for more tour news shortly from this non-stop duo.