Acid Death - Listening session of their upcoming album “Hall of Mirrors”

Acid Death pic 2015
Last Sunday, May 17th 2015, Acid Death hosted a listening session for their upcoming album entitled “Hall of Mirrors”. The session took place at Artworks Studio in Athens. All of the Greek metal press was there to get a taste of the band’s fourth full-length album.
We all sat down in a semi-circle with beer and alcohol in front of us when Savvas Bettinis welcomed us and started telling us a few words about the new album. The pre-recording phase began back in November of 2012 and lasted till July of 2014. After all the tracks were fully formed on paper it was time for the recording process. It was in August of 2014 when Acid Death first entered Devasound Studios and with the help of Fotis Benardo (Septic Flesh,SixforNine and Chaostar) the record was mixed and mastered by May 2015. Savvas also informed us that the band added some stuff they’d never used before (like female vocals) in “Hall of Mirrors”, whilst always maintaining the true Progressive Death Metal vibe the band is known for. With this small introduction the moment we all had come for arrived, Savvas pressed play and “Hall of Mirrors” began to unfold.
Acid Death Listening Session photo

Tracks “Hell’s Maw” and “Mental Slime” kicked off the album. I mention them as one track since “Hell’s Maw” serves as an introduction to the album. “Mental Slime” is a fast paced thrash metal track through the prism of Acid Death.
After that, there’s “Truth Revealed”. To be totally honest, I can’t say I cared for its intro (don’t get me wrong, it’s not unbearable or anything like that, but I admit it sounded a bit cheesy to my ears). However, from what I could tell, nobody else shared this sentiment. What followed that intro though was pretty enjoyable; yet another fast paced hard sounding song with a bit of a futuristic flair to it. It should be mentioned that this track features the vocal contribution of Nikos Melissourgos (Suicidal Angels).
Next up is the first of my three favorite tracks in “Hall Of Mirrors”; “Life and Death” (featuring the vocal contribution of Floating Words’ Jon Soti) is a small wonder which manages to combine a general raw and rough quality with melodic and elaborately complicated touches. Definitely a highlight in the record. The same mentality also carries on to the next song. “The Unfair Fight” is a track that any Acid Death fan will wet his pants for.
Moving on, we find the song from which the whole album gets its name. “Hall of Mirrors” finds Manthos Stergiou (Tardive Dyskinesia) lending his vocal chords for a few lyrics. Here the band has experimented with a much more math rock sound. Wandering in the path paved by Meshuggah, in other words, it is a perfect fit for Manthos’ vocal styling. Speaking with the band’s guitarist Dennis Kostopoulos after the session was over, I was curious as to the extent of Manthos’ involvement in the writing of “Hall of Mirrors”. Dennis informed me that Manthos has been an Acid Death fan for quite some time and the band thought that he would be a great addition to the line- up for this particular track, so they asked him if he wanted to do it, he said yes and that’s all it took. “Hall of Mirrors” has also been selected to be the first official music video from the record.
As for “Taste of the Erratic”, track #7, this will be released as a lyric video. “Taste of the Erratic” is a classic Acid Death song full of aggression and raw power. As I mentioned above, this is the first time that Acid Death have used female vocals in one of their songs; the lucky ladies that broke their cherry are none other than Iliana Tsakiraki (Enemy Of Reality) and Nantia V. Also let me just say that the guitar work, after the middle of this track, is pretty damn impressive.
Next up is “Ghostship”, the track that ranks as number three in my personal top three enjoyable songs in “Hall of Mirrors”. I regret to inform you however that I liked this track so much that my excitement got in the way of my note taking. I wrote down so much stuff about this track in the quickest way possible so that I wouldn’t miss a chord, and I was unable to read any of it afterwards. Anyway, take my word for it: It’s good.
Following that we have “Planets of the Eternal Dead”. Savvas Bettinis described this track in the best possible way, right before he pressed play he said “and now “Planets of the Eternal Dead”. Motörhead and nothing else”. It’s a fast, In Flames reminiscing, track with its roots deeply in the old-school thrash metal heritage of Acid Death, which keeps on giving till the end.
Closing the album is “Supreme Act of Heroism”, which marks yet another first for Acid Death. It’s the first song to feature keyboards. Of course don’t expect an industrial or electro sound, it’s still Acid Death we’re talking about. The raw aggressive dark energy is very much there pounding away at your eardrums. That is why it fills the second place of my personal top three enjoyable songs in “Hall of Mirrors”.
Acid Death Listening Session photo

So there you have it. Acid Death is ready to release their fourth album. It’s entitled “Hall of Mirrors” and it’s a pretty tight album. Now all we have to do is wait patiently to see which record company will release it and when that will be. Patience is a virtue.

01. Hell’s Maw(intro)
02. Mental Slime
03. Truth Revealed
04. Life and Death
05. The Unfair Fight
06. Hall of Mirrors
07. Taste of the Eratic
08. Ghostship
09. Planes of the Eternal Dead
10. Supreme Act of Heroism