Veruca Dulce

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Model Spotlight of the Month

Veruca Dulce in her own words:
I’m 25 I travel often and love my life. I’m a full time model and cake decorator. I love rain coffee and films. I watch an unhealthy amount of Netflix and if I was on death row my last meal would be buffalo wings, vanilla coke and peanut butter pie…
Veruca Dulce on Grande Rock…
When and how did you decide to deal with modeling?
V: I started getting serious about modeling in September 2014.
Has being hot & sexy cost you any “job” along the way and why?
V: I was turned down for a job because I didn’t have a childlike innocent look for a particular shoot.
Have you or would you be interested in adult industry at any point?
V: I don’t feel the need to enter the adult industry. I’m rather successful without it and don’t feel it would add the right audience to my current work.
Why do you think that a naked female body is regarded as “shameful” or “inappropriate” even today? (… still shocks people…)
V: I think people are not brought up the same way as I was.
Why are men “afraid” of the sexy and hot females the most?
V: We represent an unattainable goal and people do not want to fail.
What’s the sexiest part on you?
V: My eyes; they’re so intense…
What’s your erotic fetish?
V: I love biting!
Which was the smartest and dullest pick-up line a guy has used to approach you?
V: Are you a jersey because I need your name and number, is the lamest. I generally love lame pick-up lines.
Who is the Rock Star you would like to have a “photo-shoot” with?
V: Marilyn Manson
GR - Model of 2015

Hi Veruca. How do you feel that you have been chosen as the Best GR Model of 2015 by the Grande Rock readers/visitors?
V: I am beyond thrilled to have this title is both exhilarating and humbling! Thank you so much to everyone that took the time to vote and picked me when there were so many fantastic models to choose from!
What are your plans for 2016?
V: Honestly? To kick ass and take names! I have huge plans for 2016 including releasing my book, being featured in several magazines and publications and also to travel. I hope to travel to 5 new countries and the remaining 4 States left on my USA tour!
Do you think that nudity art is offensive, as some claim?
V: I don’t think it’s offensive. Nude art is something that I participate in often and feel it’s someone everyone comfortable should partake in at least once. It’s beautiful to celebrate your body when so many outside sources are trying to shame the nude female form.
How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
V: Vivacious, wanderlust, goal-motivated…
What would be your ideal date?
V: Ideal date would be a home cooked meal, blanket forts, pushing the couches together to form an enclosed area with nothing but you, snacks, netflix, and video games.
Who do you think should make the first move? Guys or girls?
V: Either. If you want something or someone, go for it! Worst thing they can do is say no and even then, you’re in the same place you were 5 seconds ago.
What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
V: Oh if these walls could talk... no comment!
Would you ever go to a nude beach?
V: I would and have. When I was in Spain I visited a nude beach. The locals didn’t know how to react to an American being that comfortable!
Do you find tattoos sexy?
V: Very much so! I love full sleeves and knuckle tattoos especially.