Shellie Arielle

Shellie Arielle pic

Doll House Model Spotlight of the Month
by Chrissy Sparks at Doll House Photography

Shellie Arielle is 24 years old and she’s been modeling for a year now. Her real name is Shelley. She originally started modelling to get some of her body confidence back which she had lost through having children very young. It has become a huge part of her life since - she spends all of her free time behind the camera!
She’s a fun person... she says: “When out I’m always the first on the dancefloor, I have no shame letting my hair down when at the local rock club!!!! I’m a big metal fan, I like to listen to Trivium, Slipknot, Metallica and the Sisters of Mercy. I also like some dubstep, industrial and Katy Perry (sshhh!!!) who I have been told I look like so many times”!!!
She continues: “I’m a huuuge latex and fetish lover and have a big collection of big shiny boots and killer heels. I love nothing more than dressing up in full dominatrix attire, it's when I feel my true self. I’d describe myself as a 100% Gemini, movie mad perfectionist. I’m an ‘all or nothing, try anything once’ kind of gal...”