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Roswell Ivory in her own words:
I’m a model and writer living on a canal boat just outside of London, though I travel the world wherever photoshoots take me! I’ve modelled everything from lace body harnesses and designer lingerie to full rubber suits and studded leather creations.

When I’m not modelling, you’ll either find me on the roof of my boat writing a blog, article or the crime novel I’m working on- or having an adventure! Last time I visited Sweden I found myself with no sleep, watching a musical about HP Lovecraft, then going to a fetish model party and drinking mead. I’ve been taken to gigs on the spur of the moment (I love classic rock like AC/DC and Guns N Roses), and on trips around the world’s spookiest abandoned places!

My steampunk novella “The Marius Conundrum” is pending publication, and I update my fans on the crime novel via my blog (which has just won another award - hooray!)

I’m also nominated for “Fetish Model of the Year” and also in the running to win a custom-made latex catsuit! You can help me by following the links below and voting, which takes about five seconds and would make me happy.

You can find me through any of these links and I love getting nice messages from my fans and followers!


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Roswell Ivory talks to Grande Rock

When and how did you decide to deal with modeling?
R: I was at a festival when a talent scout asked me if I’d ever considered modeling. I thought he was joking but after checking the agency out online, I did my first photo-shoot the next day and have been modeling ever since! I made it my full time job four years ago and still love my job.
Which are those things that make a woman sexy and desirable by both men and women?
R: Confidence, firstly! It’s mostly a myth that men and women have to look and dress a certain way to be considered attractive. If you are comfortable in your own skin, it shows. I know that’s a really easy thing to say and hard to do – It’s taken me years to be happy with myself but do what makes you feel good and that's a great start. A good attitude too. I can’t bear whiny pessimists and I bet many people feel the same way! You don’t have to wear a big rictus grin 24/7 but treating people as though they matter, smiling and laughing easily, and having something interesting to talk about are certainly things that impress me.
Have you or would you be interested in adult industry at any point?
R: No. (Nothing against the adult industry – It’s just not for me)
Why are men “afraid” of the sexy and hot females the most?
R: I’m not sure they are! As far as I’ve seen, the only men afraid of me are the kind who are afraid of all independent women. These men generally don’t think about life outside their own small world, hate being reminded that women still don’t have complete equality and think that yelling “sexxyyyyyy” out of a van window is a compliment. Men have no reason to be afraid of sexy women so long as they treat us with respect. (Which should, of course, be mutual!)
What’s the sexiest part on you?
R: My big sexy attitude to life…
What’s your erotic fetish?
R: Now, that would be telling... but if you check out my pictures, you get to see delights like latex, harnesses, leather, nylons and suspenders, pony play, heavy rubber, bondage, metal restraints, lycra, ball gags and much more. Maybe you’ll find your fetish there...
Which was the smartest and dullest pick-up line a guy has used to approach you?
R: I don’t generally go for pick-up lines but as I’m pretty geeky, talking about Tolkien or Firefly would at least get me into a conversation. Oh, there have been so many bad ones! At least some of the corny ones make me laugh at how bad they are, but the worst are people that come up to me, say “um... hi........” and then stare until I make a getaway!
Which one of the Seven Deadly Sins you consider yourself to be?
R: Can I only choose one? I like to think I’m a mixture of them all!! Right now, I’m in my underwear on the sofa, wishing I could telepathically make the kettle boil, so it would have to be Sloth!