Miss Kiska

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Model Spotlight of the Month

My taste in music is quite eclectic & I tend to listen to different music to suit my mood. Growing up I enjoyed a lot of Russian rock as my father was in a band. From there I moved on to groups like Led Zeppelin & Queen. When I moved to the UK aged 17, I got more into electronic music, electro pop and dance.

Years passed and I now appreciate anything from rock to underground hip-hop. I love going to concerts and seeing live bands. The highlight of last year was seeing the original Motley Crue line up in Las Vegas!

I also love art! Spending my free time in galleries and seeing exhibitions whenever I can. I paint and draw myself in spare time. I’m huge influenced by Dali, surrealism and the whole DADA movement of 20s art. Acrylic and oil are my favorite media to work with. I’m always looking for new inspiration and ideas.