Maria-Melissa Routi

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Model Spotlight of the Month

Maria-Melissa Routi (her full name is Maria-Melissanthi Routi) is a model and a singer. She's been working as a model since 2002. She participated in many catwalks, shootings, catalogs, editorials, covers etc.
But, when asked about modeling, she responds that modeling is fine, but at the same time it doesn’t matter to her as much, because her real love and one true calling is music.
As a singer, Maria-Melissa has been working professionally since 2008. She has participated in many shows, events and concerts around Greece and abroad. She did study music theory and piano for quite a long time and attended a Music School at Pallini in Athens, Greece where she studied Classic singing and got her qualification and degree as a vocal teacher in popular music through (LCM).
But beside everything else she did, rock and metal music remains her real passion and very dear to her heart. So back in 2008, she became an official member of the death metal band Kinetic. Soon, the entire band and Melissa herself realized that apart from singing normally, Melissa was extremely talented in doing "growling" vocals! So, the band decided that their new female singer had to combine melodic and brutal vocals at same time...
When asked how she can combine pop music, modeling and death metal all at the same time she says: “All of these things are just in me and make me who I am I guess. There’s no point in trying to pick one over the other if you can do them all. People should understand that they can be whatever they want to be. We make our own world, we can create our own fashion, to our own liking. No one will ever tell me what to do or what to become!... You should do the same"!
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