Royal Hunt live in Athens 2018

After the release of Royal Hunt’s amazing last album “Cast in Stone”, I was very excited when I heard the news that they were going to visit us. I was looking forward to this live show, cuz the time had come to finally enjoy one of my all-time favorite bands. It was a Friday night when we took the road that leads to Kytarro club… the rest is below.
Royal Hunt Athens 2018 poster

Even though we were just a bit late, Alex and I arrived at the club kinda late, but the support group hadn’t been on stage yet. The club wasn’t crowded at that time, more or less around 9 o’clock. After a while, the newcomers from Greece, New Past, started playing. The band released its debut album, “State of Falling” a couple of months ago. They are a new band but the members are very capable musicians. They were a bit anxious at first but after the first song, they loosened up and played very well in general. Their music is an amalgam of prog rock/metal with modern touches that is influenced by Tool, Fates Warning, Leprous, Soen and so on. You’d better check em out, cuz they are a promising act indeed.
After a while the German progsters Soul Cages stepped on stage. The band has some truly devoted fans in Greece who were there to enjoy their show. The Germans were like a well-oiled machine. They were playing with passion and the fans were excited with their older tracks as well as the new ones from the last album “Moon”, which was released in 2013. At some point, Knut’s amplifier (the amplifier head to be precise) broke down for some unknown reason, even Knut seemed too frustrated about this and it took a while to change it with another one. The band didn’t seem to be affected by that incident, even though they were bit troubled at first, but they took things cool right away. It was more or less at that time, if I remember well, when Thorsten (guitars, vocals) said that Soul cages would be playing in front of 12 or 13 people in Germany… and he was thrilled (as the rest of the band) seeing the Greek fans being so warm to them. When the amplifier problem was fixed they kept on playing even more passionately than before. I even think that they played a couple of tracks more that they were meant to play… or something like that. Anyhow, the fans enjoyed their show and the band also liked playing for the Greek fans very much. It’s to wonder though how such a talented band like Soul Cages that has released some truly great progressive and technical albums, does not enjoy the fame they deserve.
Even though it was around 12 o’clock (a bit late), the time for the headliners Royal Hunt had come. The place was kinda full, even though it wasn’t crowded (and that’s a shame) and in truth to be told all those who missed that show should have regretted it for sure. Anyway, Royal Hunt made an entrance with “Last Goodbye” and the crowd went crazy. DC Cooper is one hell of a frontman and all his performances were truly amazing. Of course, all the guys were playing to their fullest and André Andersen is simply astonishing– the true silent force behind Royal Hunt! DC was teasing the other band member every so often and was very talkative with the fans. He was making jokes all the time and he even jumped to the arena a couple of times (one in the middle of the show and the other just before the end) and apart from singing, he was taking photos with the fans and spent time with some of them (especially the ladies – hehehe). Apart from everything, DC has the whole package… he is a terrific singer (he sounds like he does on the albums!) and he is also a unique performer.

It was about half past one when DC said that the show was over and the crowd was asking for more. It was then when DC said that they had to catch a flight at 5am in the morning. Well, none really believed that the show was over… and the band did return and played “Fistful of Misery” (from the new album “Cast in Stone”), and they closed the show with “Epilogue”, the most appropriate track for a closing. Royal Hunt have many loyal fans here in Greece that reveled in the band’s show entirely. The guys were truly awesome and they gave a hell of a show on the whole. I just wish they could play a few more tracks, but I hope they do so the next time which, let’s cross fingers, won’t be too long ahead. At any rate, do not miss Royal Hunt if they play somewhere near you for any reason. They are indeed one of the top symphonic prog metal bands right now and they are great at what they do. Thx for the incredible show Royal Hunt – we are really grateful!