Pain Of Salvation live in Athens 2018

It’s been almost 14 years since the last time I had the chance to see my beloved Swedish progsters. Their last monumental album left no doubts in my head that they are back for good and no hesitation fogged my mind to take the downward road to Piraeus Academy for the live. Once I got in the venue, it was instantly clear that many must have though the same way, as the venue was full. A pleasant surprise: many quite young people in the audience, which means that PoS have managed to embrace a new generation of fans (and not only the good old folks like myself).
Pain Of Salvation live Athens 2018 poster
The night begun with two of the best Greek prog metal bands, Mother Of Millions and Need. Both domestic bands seem to play easily in the international arena. Having acquired significant stage experience from touring extensively, both bands fulfilled much more than just being the support/opening acts. Their progressive metal aesthetic is capable of bringing them to elite of their likes.
Nevertheless, the night belonged to Pain Of Salvation, who managed to accomplish one of their best shows in Greece, manifesting their glorious return. They conquered the stage for more than two hours, playing like a clockwork their complex monuments. The fantastic light show accompanying them added a lot to the atmosphere and the outstanding final outcome. With a setlist that left no one complaining, with emphasis – tough – on their latest album “In the Passing Light of Day”. But how would anyone complain about that, given that they opened their set with the devastating bombardment of “On a Tuesday”, journeying to the fragile and very personal self-titled song (which live sounds even better).
Daniel has fully recovered to shape; he is like a shaman god on the stage leading his (full throttle) tribe to glory. I even enjoyed too much the return of “Disco Queen” to the set! For me the highlight of the night was “Ashes” (maybe because I didn’t expect them to play it) and the creepy, astonishing, heart-breaking way they performed it!
Unfortunately, due to health issues, I missed Leprous one month prior to the PoS live. Having not seen the, I believe the PoS live must have been the best prog live performance for the past couple of years taking place in Greece. And while looking forward to welcome them back, we are hesitantly waiting for a Dream Theater to open our way.