Meka Nism live in Florida 2018

It’s 7pm on a Monday night at Orlando’s Plaza Live and the crowd is getting big. Sure, Jonathon Davis of Korn is playing tonight, but usually the crowd isn’t this big this early. Clearly everyone here wants to see the opening act. Meka Nism is the first band up on a triple bill along with Palisades and Jonathon Davis.
Meka Nism band pic

Meka Nism is a five-person band made up of Bobby Keller the lead guitarist, Chris Lane on drums, Jay Adkisson the keyboardist, bassist Jarret Robinson, and Ms. Meka the vocalist. This heavy metal band from Orlando has started to build a reputation that has grown beyond their hometown. As I made my way towards the stage I was able to briefly say hi to Ms. Meka. She was striking in her stage outfit, face paint and red dreadlocks. After our brief hi, I was very excited to see what the buzz was all about.
Finally, as the house lights went down, the room filled with excitement. As I was waiting those last few seconds for the band to hit the stage, I could hear people with nervous excitement in their voices talk about how they’ve been waiting to see Meka Nism. As Ms. Meka and the boys made their way to the stage the crowd exploded with a cheer. Kicking off the night was “Trailblazer” from their new EP the “The War Inside”. The rapid-fire drumming and heavy riffs of the intro to this song is one hell of a way to open a show. Then when Ms. Meka starts to sing the song really takes off. She really showcases her vocal dynamics during the song. Next up was “Mouth of God” from their album “The Shift: Anthems for a Revolution”. Between Jarret’s thunderous bass playing and Chris’s aggressive drumming they laid down the backbone for Bobby’s guitar work. His rapid-fire riffs served as an excellent intro for Ms. Meka and her vocal gymnastics. It’s amazing how she can go from an angelic voice to a guttural growl. After this they played “From Out of Nowhere” from their album “The Shift: Anthems for a Revolution”. Enough can’t be said about the musicianship of the band. They are all masters of their craft. No matter how good the musicians are, you need a great person out front. As a performer, Ms. Meka takes a back seat no one. Between the Japanese Butoh inspired dancing and her pure magnetism, it’s as if you have no choice but to watch her! The next song of the set was “The Shift” the title track from their album “The Shift: Anthems for a Revolution”. The final song of Meka Nism’s set was the title track from their just released album “The War Inside”. The rich keyboard work of the introduction segued into an all-out assault of drum work and powerhouse guitar playing; of course, there was Ms. Meka’s amazing vocals too. What a perfect song to end a great show!
After the band left the stage, everyone was buzzing about what they had witnessed. I couldn’t help but be part of that buzz. What a powerful set Meka Nism put on, and I felt sorry for the act that had to follow them. Touring in support of bands such as Trapt and Avatar, it really shows that they have learned well from those bands and know how to put on a great show. If you get a chance to see them live, you too will leave as a huge fan.