Cauldron and Primitai live in London 2018

I was lucky to get two for one tonight, with two amazing heavy metal bands playing at the Black Heart, which is one of my favourite venues in Camden. Both fall into the broad heavy, power and thrash metal genres, but each take their own influences, styles and give it a unique twist.
Cauldron and Primitai London Live Show 2018 poster

This heavy metal band orientated in the sleepy Berkshire town of Sandhurst. So not the sort of place you’d expect to give birth to a heavy and thrash metal band! Primitai have combined influences from the 80s Glam Metal revival and classic hard rock and metal bands, such as Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Motley Crue. Creating melodic, rhythmic and powerful heavy metal. Whilst giving it a unique, modern twist to give them a unique edge in the resurgence of 80s Glam and Heavy Metal.
Primitai are a treat to watch, their energy is undeniable and instantly infectious, spreading through that dark crowded room. With their electric fast riffs pumping out into the night, creating to true thrash metal experience. I simply adored their whole style.
They’re high energy, hard-core, and die hard metal-heads. With a heavy yet fast beat, getting the crowd moving. Then the heavy crash of the drums layered with the psychedelic riffs created a mind-blowing experience.
As they announced their next song, someone shouted “YEAH” at the top of their voice, I had never seen such die-hard fans before. They interacted with the crowd, as Guy on vocals was belted out the lyrics, he turned to the audience and shouted “it’s your turn now!” and got them all singing and screaming along.
I noticed the drummer t-shirt read “Thrash is King” and I think that perfectly shows these guys dedication to keeping thrash metal alive, for which I personally am very thankful for! They certainly proved themselves to be the kings of thrash tonight.
The hues of blues and purples carved through the smoke created the perfect mystical and psychedelic back drop.
Primitai are fast and high energy, yet deep and powerful. You could feel the power surging through the crowd. They cleverly layer vocal and musical elements, with other bands members backing up Guy on vocals. And, it was amazing to see the incredible passion from their die-hard fans.
Cauldron is a seriously melodic heavy metal Canadian band. Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Goat Horn. Cauldron have joined the traditional-sounding heavy metal revolution. Even taking inspiration for their name from other bands in the genre, such as White Wizard and Angel Witch. So they are now fully immersed and driving the revolution to new heights.
I briefly met the band outside as I arrived, luckily our smoke breaks coincided! They were chatting about their plans post tour back in Toronto. I was particularly interested for Cauldron as I know someone who has just moved to Toronto and is exploring the metal scene out there. Coincidences are funny eh?!
Wolf whistles called out into the night even when they were just on stage to tune the guitars! Shows their anticipation and pure excitement for Cauldron. The place was absolutely slammed, way before the scheduled start time, as people wrestled for the best spots.
They were an interesting change in pace from Primitai, always good to mix it up. They started slow and deep, picking up the pace and heaviness as they played through the smoke billowing out into the crowd.
The only problem was the lack of vocals on the tech side, Jason did shout out for more vocals, but alas we got no vocals! Ian, on guitar, added a twist of humour out of it and turned to the crowd and shouted out “he was talking to you, we want more vocals from you!” The crowd chanted: “We are Cauldron, We are Cauldron…”
You should have seen the wave of excitement that passed through the room when they announced they were going to play songs from their fantastic new album “New Gods”.
Of course in the excitement and power metal resurgence, moss pits appeared despite the size of the room nestled above the metal pub. There were so many shout out requests for songs, Jason gave in and shouted out “so what do you guys wanna hear?!” and played a couple of requested songs.
In the lull between songs, the crowd started chanting “we love you Cauldron, we do! We love you, Cauldron, we do” Ian responded with a sarcastic but genuinely heartfelt “I’m going to have to go backstage to cry now” and clasped his hands against his heart. It was impossible not to get swept up in the wave of passion and excitement that filled that room from both the band and the die-hard fans.
The love from their adoring fans is a true testament to these guys. Their heavy and fast songs created a truly power metal experience, with pounding drums electric riffs and rough and raw vocals. Especially with their epically styled power poses at the end of each song.
This gig was an incredible experience, the small dark room above one our beloved metal bars in Camden, was turned into Wembley Stadium. The room was absolutely packed to rafters, with die-fans shouting and jumping up. It was impossible not to get swept up in the excitement. The clever user of lighting and smoke show melded with the atmosphere perfectly. It’s a shame Canada gets to keep Cauldron for themselves, but next time they do a UK tour, I’d definitely recommend you check them out!