Cannibal Corpse & Kataklysm live in Athens 2015

Finally, the moment that we’ve been all waiting for, had come! After 6 years, our firm favorites, the kick ass crew of Cannibal Corpse from New York were back in Greece bringing also in tow with them the crazy Canadians Kataklysm! All I can say is that I was very curious about how the events would unfold and predicted a quite wild night... It was a pity that the Frenchmen, Loudblast had to cancel their performance, due to the current “bad” economic conditions, but still with the combination of the two remaining bands, we were all guaranteed to have a blast! And a blast we did have!
Cannibal Corpse & Kataklysm live in Athens 2015 poster

Kataklysm went on the stage around 21:00, pretty much spot on the updated schedule. Maurizio Iacono was in perfect touch with the crowd... They opened the show with the song “Reign Again” and they kept rocking performing songs as “Black Ship”, “Push the Venom”, “As Like Slither”, “Like Animals”, “In Shadow and Dust”, “Thy Serpent’s Tongue” and they closed their amazing setlist with “Crippled and Broken”. All I can say is that this band and their performance has trumped all my expectations! I wasn’t entirely convinced before but I’m personally looking forward to buying their new album, now! Wow guys, congratulations!
After a small break, which included a cautionary announcement urging the people to avoid to smoke during the band’s performance, with the band willing to perform a longer set, than obligated by contract, in case that request was generally followed, (I cannot blame them for that..) finally, the legendary Cannibal Corpse took the stage, performing the hell out of “Scourge of Iron” and leaving us all just... astonished from the explosive presence of the man-mountain that George Corpsegrinder, is!!! The guy was simply unbelievable, dominating the stage, while spewing incredible bile and making you wonder about the guys vocal chords… Just wow.
Although that the club wasn’t totally full, the crowd rewarded them with a LOUD ovation! Also I couldn’t help but notice that the polish-American drummer of the band Paul Mazurkiewicz, was sort of putting on a show of his own! Damn, this man has it!!!!! And along with monster bass man Alex Webster, they just killed it, with their awesome groovy playing! Many mosh pits were being formed in the meantime, with the band performing songs from their 25 year long career without missing a beat. The likes of “The Wretched Spawn”, “Sentenced to Burn”, “Dormant Bodies Bursting”, “Make Them Suffer”, “A Skull Full of Maggots” and more were given an airing, and were met by the crowds thunderous and roaring approval!
From their latest album “Skeletal Domain” the band chose to perform “Kill or Become”, “Icepick Lobotomy” and “Sadistic Embodiment” a fine selection indeed… I can’t resist to mention that before the band performed its (n)e(c)rotic hymn “I Cum Blood”, Fisher did his best to get the crowd worked up, demanding big mosh pits and lots of head banging! His wish, was our command, with the clubs floor shaking like never before!!! Awesome. The band saved the best for last ,ending the show with a performance of their classics “Hammer Smashed Face” and eventually “Devoured by Vermin”.
No matter, the heat and the difficult economical conditions that have to be considered, all I can say about this night is that both bands were amazing!!! Let’s hope that we won’t need another 6 years to see Cannibal Corpse again... You guys, ROCK!!! devil
Scourge of Iron
Demented Aggression
Evisceration Plague
Stripped, Raped and Strangled
Disposal of the Body
Senteced to Burn
Kill or Become
Sadistic Embodiment
Icepick Lobotomy
Addicted to Vaginal Skin
The Wretched Spawn
Dormant Bodies Bursting
I Cum Blood
Unleashing the BloodThisty
Make them Suffer
A Skull Full of Maggots
Hammer Smashed Face
Devoured by Vermin
by Maria-Melissa Routi