Submitted by mark on May 26, 2018
How did you come together as a band?  Ms. Meka: I started the band before I went to Japan as Meka Nism and her Rusty Tears. So, I was coming up with music and concepts back then. But then I moved to japan for 3 years and played 150 shows over there. I got back at the end of 2010 and I met Bobby… Read More
Submitted by ellen on May 21, 2018
What was the inspiration behind the album?  J: The aim was to recreate the energy from the album, in “Black out in the Red Room”. (i.n.: I personally think, mission accomplished! The red lights and energy filled the room.)    What is your favourite song on the new album?  J: Hard to choose,… Read More
Submitted by thanos on May 12, 2018
Hi Erik, I’m glad we’re given the chance to talk again. First of all, congrats on your debut album “Dukes of the Orient”.  E: Thanks so much, Thanos. It’s great to talk with you as always. This album has been a long time in the works – 10 years actually! – and we are so proud to have it finally… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Apr 29, 2018
Hi Rafael and welcome to Grande Rock. Congrats on your sophomore release “Barbarians in Black”. It has been added to our “Gems” category!  R: Thank you all from Grande Rock for the space and opportunity. We’re glad you’re enjoyed our new album!    Well, what were the changes on your… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Apr 22, 2018
Hi Jake, I’m glad we’re given the chance to talk about your new studio album “Conqueror’s Oath”. It is a remarkable heavy metal release indeed.  J: Thank you, I’m happy to hear you think so!    What are the new elements that you introduce with “Conqueror’s Oath” and which were those things… Read More
Submitted by cimaz on Apr 21, 2018
  Hey Jason, do tell me, how’s the UK tour so far and what do you expect from today’s show at London?  J: We played at the Underworld plenty of times, it’s Wednesday night so let’s see what happen, but usually we do have an amazing crowd over here.    And how’s the Europe tour so far?  J: So far it… Read More
Submitted by newseditor on Apr 21, 2018
  Hi Kyle, I’m glad we’re given the chance to talk about your new album “The Cauldron and the Cross”. First of all, how did you come up with the album title and what does it declare?  K: Hello! Thank you for having us it’s a pleasure. The book it is based on (The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer… Read More
Submitted by mark on Apr 15, 2018
Hi Stef, so what do you expect to get from tonight’s show in Tampa (the live show took place on April 9th, 2018)?  S: So, we expect to have a lot of fun and lots of great energy. There’s a lot of great bands on tonight. It’s a whole tour package with Echo Black, Scars Heal In Time and The Cruz… Read More
Submitted by mark on Apr 15, 2018
  Hi Marco. How did you get started in music?  M: I grew up in a musical home. My father, even though he wasn’t pursuing music professionally, he was a great clarinet player. My mom she was a professional singer. When she married my dad, she retired. She actually got on the charts in Mexico. At one… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Mar 25, 2018
Hi André, I’m glad we have the chance to talk about Royal Hunt’s new album “Cast in Stone”. It’s a fascinating album on the whole. Kudos!  A: Thank you!     At first, do tell us… what happened on the band’s camp those (almost) 3 years from your previous album “Devil’s Dozen” till the release of the… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Feb 25, 2018
Hi Ton and welcome to Grande Rock. I’m glad we’re given the chance to talk about your new amazing album “Seventeen”. Undoubtedly it’s one of the best albums of 2018!  T: Thank you. The album has been very well received overall, and of course I am very glad about that.    4 have years have passed… Read More
Submitted by eric on Feb 4, 2018
Thank you for joining us here at Grande-Rock, Fredrik – suffice to say, “We Are All Born Evil”, with its nine infernally hard-driving tracks, has created quite a commotion, to the point of us festively reeling beyond the tabernacle!  F: Well, thanks I guess!? The album has for sure left its mark… Read More