Submitted by thanos on Aug 27, 2018
Hi Aaron. Welcome back with your new album “If All Goes Wrong”. Do tell us… what are the changes on the band’s camp all these years?  A: The last 2 years have been a time of incredible growth and change for the band. We were nominated for an award by Prog Magazine in 2016 and performed a large… Read More
Submitted by ellen on Aug 19, 2018
Hi Chris, as it’s your first European tour, is there anywhere you’re most excited to play?  C: To be honest, we are actually really excited to play here. Camden and The Underworld is such a big name in the rock and metal world. And I haven’t played here since 2014, so it’s great to be back… Read More
Submitted by ellen on Aug 4, 2018
Why did you choose the name “Ecstasy”?  H: Of course we have the song on the album by the same name. But that wasn’t actually the primary reason. If you listen to this album to get positive, feel good vibes. We don’t mean the drug ecstasy! We mean the emotion. That’s the magic thing we feel about… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Jul 14, 2018
Hi Dougie. Do tell us when and under which circumstances did you decide to form the band?  D: It kind of happened by accident really. Me and my now band mate Todd were just hanging out writing songs then eventually got to a point where we were like “man, we should play this live”.    How did… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Jun 30, 2018
Hi Eric, I’m glad to have you on Grande Rock. The new Tremonti album “A Dying Machine” is truly astonishing and most say that is Tremonti’s best work to date. What’s your say?  E: Thank you so much!! I really feel the same.”A Dying Machine” is my favorite out of the four we’ve done so far... we had… Read More
Submitted by eric on Jun 24, 2018
  Hello Mark, and thank you for joining us today. Suffice to say, Freedom Hawk’s “Beast Remains”, is shockingly good and, no disrespect of course, but somewhat of a step up from past ventures, musicianship wise. In other words, as chillax-ing as say, the titular sophomore or more recent “Into Your… Read More
Submitted by eric on Jun 10, 2018
  Hi Alec, thank you for joining us here at Grande Rock; it is a pleasure!  A: Hi! Thanks for the interview.    Firstly, what exactly inspired you to found Blackslash, and how did the rather cool name come about? Does the band’s moniker have any deeper connotations or does it just simply sound good… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Jun 3, 2018
Hi Pete and welcome to Grande Rock. First of all, tell us what happened in the band’s camp during these 3 years between your new album “Sinister Sides” and the previous one “Oblivion Cycle”.  P: Thanks for the welcome, glad to talk with you people at Grande Rock! Pardon me if I drift off… still… Read More
Submitted by eric on Jun 3, 2018
Hello Matt Baldwinson & Paul Carter and welcome to Grande Rock! Thank you for joining us today! First of all, how did the stupendously wondrous name Dream Tröll come about? (It’s up there with Finland’s The Wandering Midget as far as super amusing monikers go!)…  Paul C: When the first album… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Jun 2, 2018
Hi Srdjan and welcome to Grande Rock. Your new album, “The Calling”, has been added to our “Gems” category and it’s among the top heavy metal albums of 2018.  S: Thanks, we’re very honoured to be among the chosen few, you guys review a hell of a lot of albums I’m sure!    How did the deal with… Read More
Submitted by ellen on Jun 2, 2018
Did you need that 3-year break so as to write and record your new album “Epitaph”? What happened during those 3 years and how did it help the band evolve generally?  A: We spent some of the break performing gigs. When we had started to create the new album, it originally had a different theme.… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Jun 2, 2018
  Hi Clive… it’s great to have you on Grande Rock again to talk about your brand new album “Double Vision”!  C: Thank you!    What does the album title “Double Vision” declare? Is there any hidden message behind it?  C: There are a couple of references I guess. Firstly, it is a title from the “… Read More