Submitted by thanos on Feb 14, 2012
Hi guys… “Les Friction” was a nice surprise to me… so Grande Rock tagged it as the Best Album of January…  N: Many thanks for that! We’re proud and honored. (i.n.: Ιt’s a pleasure listening to such great music…)    First of all, give us some bio info that is not included in your official site.  N:… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Jan 28, 2012
Hi Marc… it’s good to have Wrathchild back with a new studio album after 22 years!! That’s a long time dude! M: Ha! I don’t know so much, I have enjoyed some wines that have taken longer to bring to the table. And every drop was worth the wait! (i.n.: Sure dude!)   What happened all those years and… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Jan 15, 2012
Hi Brady… Congrats on “Eve of Corruption”… It was really one of the biggest surprises of the year to me. B: Thanks! We’ve been receiving a lot of great feedback since the record’s release, and I know I speak for all the members of the band when I say that we could not be happier with the reception… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Jan 4, 2012
Hi Clive… why did it take you so long to release a new album? Was it the line-up changes... or something else? C: We have worked constantly on Arena for ten years and Mick and I particularly agreed it was time to take a break. All the guys in the band had other projects to pursue and this seemed… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Dec 30, 2011
Hi Jape… It’s great to see To/Die/For back and active again! J: Oh yes. Feels great again! Time of Great Music with Great friends and waiting for tours!   Back in 2006 you released “Wounds wide Open” which is, in my opinion, the best album of the band to date and everything seemed to be working… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Dec 24, 2011
Hi Lee… Thx for taking the time to do this last Shy interview… although the good news was that the band was back with a new album after 6 years… then the really bad news about the loss of Steve Harris came that made the whole music world and the fans sad. L: It has been a very sad time for us,… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Nov 25, 2011
Hi Jürgen… Congrats on “Voices Part.1”… to tell you the truth, I’m a big fan of your work all these years… and after last year’s EBC ROXX… I was waiting for your new personal album. J: Thank you and a “hello” to everybody!   Tell us, how did you come up with “Voices Par.1”? Did you start… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Nov 10, 2011
Hi Bobby… Congrats on “Rebel Mind”…it is good that we have the chance to talk about your new band, Eumeria… please tell me some things that are not included in your site about the band… it all started with a solo album of yours that you had in mind a couple of years ago… right…? B: Yes the first… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Nov 17, 2009
Hi Chris… Nice to see the band alive with a new singer after all these years… Congrats on “Sanctuary” as well. Tell us, why were you away from the music scene for about 6 years?  C: Time has really passed so quickly and it’s really hard to believe that it is six years. In some ways it has been… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Oct 13, 2008
Hi Martin… Nice talking to you after all this time. What has happened since 2005 that we last talked… (I mean from the release of IQ’s “Dark Matter” since now)?  M: Well quite a lot really! Since then I’ve left both Jadis and IQ and I’m now planning to get out of music completely. There’s been a… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Feb 13, 2007
Hi Roland… I’m so glad that I finally meet you. Congrats on “MK II”… we have named it as the Best Album of February in  R: Ohh… that’s very good, thanks a lot.    Although your new album will be released in few weeks, people wanna know what happened and Jorn and Uli left the… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Dec 13, 2005
Hi Kenny... thx for re-releasing your debut album with the addition of three unreleased songs. It was a very smart move for all the fans out there...  K: Thanks, Thanos. I wanted to give our beautiful, beautiful fans their money’s worth, and these were 3 good songs that were appropriate for this… Read More