Submitted by thanos on Dec 28, 2019
Hi guys and welcome to Grande Rock! First of all, congrats on your new album “Remnants of a Repeated Future, Part 1”. It’s already the “Album of the Month” on Grande Rock and it’s among the Best 25 Albums of 2019!  Lobo: Hi Grande Rock, here’s Lobo; thank you very much for making us part of this… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Dec 22, 2019
Hi Paul, I’m glad to get the chance to talk with you again about the new album “Zokusho”. Once again you’ve nailed it! The new album rocks big time dude! Congrats!  P: Thank you. We did the best we could with the time we had to write and record it. I think both Bruno and I put a lot of pressure on… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Dec 21, 2019
Hi Michael and welcome to Grande Rock. First of all, do tell us what are your personal music news, regarding your band (Palace) and the other music projects you’re dealing with? What shall we wait in 2020?  M: Hello, and thank you for having me! Towards the end of 2019, I hooked up with an American… Read More
Submitted by al on Dec 15, 2019
We talked offline about the music industry. Can we touch on this again?  Chuck: About the industry, it’s definitely going through some changes. With streaming, via Spotify, Youtube and so on, is taking over. I feel like it’s even starting to take over the radio which is changing the game. People… Read More
Submitted by al on Dec 15, 2019
Hi Blake, thank you again for sitting down and taking a moment to speak to us.  B: You’re welcome! Glad to do it!    As we saw recently, “Trial by Fire” hit YouTube and media outlets by storm. Tell us a little bit about it, and how the overall response has been.  B: It has been fantastic. We didn’t… Read More
Submitted by al on Dec 14, 2019
I’m glad to catch up with you at the “Holiday Havok” show with Through Fire. Thank you so much for talking to us.  W: No problem man!    Looking at this project, what was the overall idea when you started writing or is that just what came out during the process at this time in your life?  W: With… Read More
Submitted by al on Dec 14, 2019
It was great to get a chance to talk to you guys at this stop on the tour. Thank you so much!  Dead Posey: Thank you also.    You have released an EP and a single till now. As I read you’re planning to release a new EP in the next few months. Is that right and can you give us some more info?  Tony… Read More
Submitted by al on Dec 14, 2019
Hi Brandon, I’m glad to have you on Grande Rock. “Motherbrain” is truly an exceptional album. One of the best that you’ve released so far… if not the best!  B: For sure man, thank you so much!    Well, it’s been almost three years since your previous album. What happened in the meantime?  B: You… Read More
Submitted by al on Nov 17, 2019
Always a pleasure meeting up with you guys. Thanks again for the opportunity to talk to us about everything that’s coming up, including the new album, “Bought and Sold”.  Paul: No problem man! Yeah some things with the album got pushed back. But we’re on track with it now.    Have you been signed… Read More
Submitted by al on Nov 15, 2019
Thanks again for meeting with us to talk about what’s going on in the otherwise world. You’re back with a new album 2 years after “Sleeping Lions”. It seems that you wasted no time at all. Which are those elements that separate your new album from your previous albums?  Adrian: I wouldn’t say “… Read More
Submitted by kat on Nov 10, 2019
The album before your most recent one, “Culling the Weak” was released 4 years ago, and since then you changed your name from “Archer” to “Archer Nation”. Why the name change, and what took you so long to make another album?  Keyhan: Well, for a long time is was just the one word “Archer” and then… Read More
Submitted by rockavlon on Nov 9, 2019
Hi there; how did Tanith come about, both as a concept but also as a band, Russ is a Brit and the rest of the band American? Common friends – chance meeting?  Russ: A bit of both I suppose, we became friends through a chance meeting six years ago in Montreal. Satan were playing Wings of Metal fest… Read More