Before Xandria’s live show at The Dome in London on November 17th, 2017, Grande Rock’s editor and UK correspondent Melisa had a brief chat with the band’s bass player Steven Wussow about the band’s singer among other things. Check it out below.
Xandria band pic

Hi Steven, do tell me about your previous lead singer, Dianne, what happened? And how’s things so far with the current one?
S: We were touring the world almost non stop for the last four years, the band was doing really well and the demand was growing. I guess at one point it all got too much for her. She asked the band to slow things down, which was something we couldn’t do. It wasn’t the guys in the band, it was the whole business side, it was very demanding playing all over the world, 44 countries. We seem to do quite well as people ask us to come back, come to their countries. A lot of pressure. She became quite sick with the stress, which forces us to step back a little. We had our backs against the wall, as we couldn’t cancel any more shows. We got a lot of shit for this. We cancelled like 22 shows from all over the world. Which is almost 1/3 of the year’s income. Our drummer had to have a back surgery a while ago and we had a friend take his place for this time which was cool. There was one time when I couldn’t do a Summer tour and someone took my place for that time. We suggested this to our singer at the time (to take a break and return next year), but she said no, she couldn’t continue this. Communication really cut down at one point.
Do you have any idea what she is doing now? Is she doing anything music related?
S: No. I don’t know, I guess she has another band, so she’s still doing it. It’s not a touring band like we are. But I hope she’s feeling better now, getting okay again.
So how has the new singer, Aeva Maurelle, affected the band? What has the change bought you?
S: She’s a good friend of ours. We actually toured with her previous band in 2014. And so as we were looking for someone to replace our previous singer we thought of Eva and she said “Yeah of course, I know you guys and I am a fan. So this should be fun”. We had a rehearsal and things kicked off from there.
How did your fans react to “Theater of Dimensions”?
S: We knew this may be different to what people were used to. We might think it’s great whilst others think it’s shit. You never know. But everyone so far has liked it; we haven’t gotten any bad reviews. It had the highest chart entries worldwide so far. So, we’ll see where this will take us.
And how did you come up with the band’s name?
S: This was actually Marco’s idea. He wanted a name that sounded mysterious and fits the sound of the music, so he thought of Xandria. There’s no real deep meaning other than that. When you’re looking through a record store, you’ll always find the section with an X.
Hence, before we close, what’s the best metal soprano of all time?
S: Haha, you asked the bass player. You honestly asked the bass player about the best metal soprano of all time? God damn it’s Bruce Dickinson! I honestly have no idea about classic music.