At the beginning of 2019, Iowa hard rock group Saul released the single “Brother” from their latest EP “Aeons”. A hard working group for some time now, their drive has seemed to pay off with that single. Even though “Brother” is a chart topper, the emotion is driven from true tragedy and loss. Saul is gaining a lot of interest as they continue to tour. Keeping their momentum going, they are now on the road with Through Fire on the “Holiday Havok” tour. On their stop at Route 20 in Wisconsin, Blake Bedsaul, frontman of Saul, had a moment to speak with us.
Saul interview
Hi Blake, thank you again for sitting down and taking a moment to speak to us.
B: You’re welcome! Glad to do it!
As we saw recently, “Trial by Fire” hit YouTube and media outlets by storm. Tell us a little bit about it, and how the overall response has been.
B: It has been fantastic. We didn’t know how the response would be, because we released “Brother” and then we came out swinging with “Trial by Fire”, which it was a little bit heavier, and we thought a little too heavy for radio and stuff. But so far the response and all the PD’s everybody’s loving it. The video was really awesome to shoot, and turned out really awesome.
I know you have a strong push to play “Trial by Fire” on XM. And we’re right there with the “Equals”. Can you give us some details?
B: Yeah man, we ask the “Equals”, our fans, to request “Trial by Fire” off of our group page, you know, and to say what’s up to Jose Mangin from XM. There’s like 500 requests all day long
We know the song “Brother” put Saul on the map. How does the song stand the test of time?
B: I think “Brother” is going to be one of the songs that lives forever. Like SiriusXM Octane told us is going to be on a playlist forever, because it’s one of the iconic songs, and that’s a badass feeling to have. Just hearing that you know from Vinnie and Jose. How it will end up as far as radio life it will get spins every once in a while, but definitely the focus is on “Trial by Fire” and then I can’t wait for you guys to hear the songs on the new record.
When is the new album expected to drop?
B: I don’t know exactly. I know we’re actually tossing up some dates here and there, you know. It’s based around some touring that we’re going to be announcing. But it’s definitely going to be spring of 2020; probably the early spring is what we’re thinking.
I know we first met at Music Fights Back, Are you planning on doing that fest in 2020?
B: I actually want to make that a regular stop. It’s something that needs to happen for us. As you know, Zack’s and my mom just passed away from brain and lung cancer, and like I said at the festival, it’s something we truly believe in and I want to do it every year. That’s a fest we want to do every year.
OK, so we talked about the new album coming out in 2020, what else is in store in 2020 for Saul?
B: We got the new album coming out man, we got some tours were going to be on, some festivals were going to be announcing, gosh it’s all under wraps and everybody just kind of working behind the scenes. I think everybody’s going to be stoked that we will announce, but that’s nothing I can say at the moment.
I know you and your brother are in the band together, who has the upper hand on tour?
B: You know, when it comes down to the stuff, we always work together we’re like a unit. But like when it’s on the road, Zach’s the acting TM right now, so he really takes control. We’re pretty big sticklers. Our dad was a military man, Joe’s a military man, so, we’re a stickler. We would like to be on time. We like to be early and ahead of schedule most times. So, we all agree on that. So, it’s cool when we’re out on the road we’re just nose to the grind. And we make it happen. I want the fans, and the equals all to feel welcome, you know.
Is there something that you can tell your fans or aspiring musicians?
B: You know, it’s kinda crazy that you ask that. Just real recently, we into this band, young guys, and there was a young female bass player. They were called “Awakening Force” out of Des Moines. Real young band, maybe sixteen or seventeen years old. We were just trying to tell them to be yourselves, you know? Saul has never done anything that we felt like is following a fad. We just felt like if it was cool at the time, it was fine. To us, it didn’t matter, just always be genuine. Be yourself, and just be cool man. People want to hang out with cool people. So, if you’re a cool guy, you know people want to be around you. And that brings people in. Just be genuine, and be nice. When someone talks to you, actually care about what somebody says, you know? I think a lot of this world is so fast food and so uncaring.
How did this tour come about for Saul?
B: It started pretty much down home in Iowa. Justin McCain from Through Fire got a hold of us, and said he’s thinking about putting the tour together. He came up to the house and we jammed with them, just hanging out, and then he brought it up again about the tour. He wanted to go on tour together, and I said okay let’s make it happen. And at the time we were transitioning with management. We still have Chris Dawson as our manager, but we’re also transitioning into having 10th Street as management. They manage Hell Yeah, Five Finger and Fire from the Gods. So, we were transitioning over to them as our main staple management. Dawson manages us, they manage the business. The tour got lost in the mix, then he got hold of us again, and brought it up more like f*** yes! No question! Let’s make it happen! You know, everybody has been so awesome on the tour.
Do you have any endorsements or anything that you would like to say thank you to?
B: We got Tech 21 Sansamp, ESP guitars, Headrush, 64 audio earbuds, and this is a big one Alesis. They’re also with Headrush and the whole bit, they really kick us a lot of love. InTune Guitar Picks there’s a lot, as you know. We’re really trying for Vater Drumsticks, so if we get that out there.
Do you have any final words for your fans?
B: Everybody keep your heads up! We’re in this together. We’re all equals! 2020 is going to be wild!