Just before Origin’s live show in London, Grande Rock got in touch with the vocalist Jason Keyser and had a chat about the new album, the tour so far and the band’s future plans among other things…
Origin band pic
Hey Jason, do tell me, how’s the UK tour so far and what do you expect from today’s show at London?
J: We played at the Underworld plenty of times, it’s Wednesday night so let’s see what happen, but usually we do have an amazing crowd over here.
And how’s the Europe tour so far?
J: So far it’s been great; a great package, all the other bands have been spectacular in their own way Hideous divinity and their heavy part, Rings Of Saturn has the alien core and Graveslave are kind of a newer band from the states that’s absolutely brutal. The crowd have been great, the shows as well. We went to eternal festival, played with Emperor and yeah it’s been great so far!
Was the tour as good as you guys expected it to be?
J: Personally I always keep a law expectation just to never be disappointed and always be pleasantly surprised, so it’s better than I expected.
How was the fans and the press reaction to your latest album?
J: It’s good, it’s been great. The album we did previous to that was the one that people got weirded out by cause it was a little departure from the norms of the band and I think years later people are recounting on that; it took a little time it was a slow burn that we’ve went to, but when we started releasing snippets and the first tracks from the unparalleled the new CD, people were like “oh good, back to the norm form”. It’s been good so far.
Do you think that the fans expected something else of the last album?
J: Not necessarily, fans are fickle.. in a way that they’ll shit on you if you did something different and they’ll shit on you if you did the same thing you know; so you always have to keep it fresh while at the same time not alienating people unless you know exactly what you’re doing you know. The album beforehand was a front to back piece, while this album is more about individual songs.
Well, apart from your live performances are there any thoughts about the next album? Any new songs ideas?
J: Hmm, it’s a little too early for that but I think the only thing that we can definitely say is that every album name will begin with a vowel, it’s for no reason but we’ll continue that, and we only have Y left. And as I said, if it was intentional or not, I just joined the band 8 years ago and they already had 5 vowels.
Do you feel comfortable being on the road or like working in a studio?
J: I’ve been doing this for 15 years in one way or another and it’s definitely a life choice where you sacrifice a lot of home situations either you’re a band that does a month every couple of years or 6 months a year. We’re definitely a 6 months a year kind of band and it’s just a choice that we’ve all made a long time ago. It’s hard, you get bummed out, you’re lonely, you’re homesick or whatever but overtime the road becomes you’re home and you get used to it.
How & why did you decided to sing for two labels, Agonia for Europe and Nuclear blast for North America?
J: America’s Nuclear Blast & Europe’s are separate annuities; they don’t have to do the same thing as Nuclear Blast Europe. And I think at the time, Nuclear Blast Europe is just doing something else and it’s going at a different direction. It didn’t hurt us at all to go with Agonia; I think it helped a lot in Europe. Nuclear Blast was pushing pushing more rock bands at that time, 5 years ago. When it comes to Agonia, it’s a bit of a smaller label but they’re more excited to have us and they pushed us much harder and our sales went ridiculously great. I don’t know necessarily the business linguistic of having two labels, but it hasn’t hurt us so far.
Are you guys satisfied with both labels in general?
J: Yeah, both of them treated us well.
Well, what does the future hold for Origin?
J: We’ll be on the road forever, so I don’t know. The usual cycles! We’re coming back to Europe after this for Hellfest in June, and following that in August for Brutal Assault, Summer Breeze and a lot more. Generally we’ll be here a lot this year and we’re doing Japan with Morbid Angel, so we’re gonna stay busy and hopefully play as much as possible.
How did you guys came up with the name Origin?
J: I’ve been in the band for 8 years now, but the story of the name in one way or another goes back to 10 years ago when Paul Ryan, the guitar player, started the band he used to goof about how he didn’t wanna be out in the middle of nowhere in the states some backwoods part of the country or be in a diner or a restaurant at 3AM and have a nice polite waitress come over and fill his coffee and be like “Oh you’re in a band? What’s your band name” and he didn’t wanna have to be like “Oh… Necrotizing baby flesh” or some shit. So, if he ran into his third grade math teacher he would proudly be like “Origin is the name of the band”. It’s also based on the birth of the universe and the space and stuff like that.
Do you think that extreme metal should have remained underground, or is it better to get it to be exposed to the metal and not only world?
J: It depends on your prospective. It’s the mythos and the feeling that you get when you’re actually scared from an art form that’s gone. I kind of feel bad for the people that are in their early 20s and never got a chance to experience such a thing.
Brutality over melody or what?
J: Why not both? I prefer both to be honest and why chose if you can have anything you want!
Technicality or simplicity?
J: That’s a tougher one; I’m in a band that enjoys it technicality, so I’ll go for that.
PS: The photos below were taken on the live show that took place in London on April 10th, 2018.