Kissin’ Dynamite

I arrived at the venue, and there was a queue forming at the doors already, went round to the stage door to meet their manager. He showed me in and led me down a labyrinth of passageways, and introduced me to the amazing vocalist Hannes Braun of Kissin’ Dynamite. We staked out a sofa backstage, although there was already someone taking a nap on it in the corner, but we didn’t seem to disturb him too much! It was so great to meet Hannes, and get to chat to him; he was really open and friendly. And hear how he first got in to rock music and the origins of the new album! After meeting I was even more excited to see them play, just a couple of hours later as they were the opening act. And they didn’t disappoint! Hannes really brought the spirit of his beloved 80s rock with him.
Kissin’ Dynamite band pic
Why did you choose the name “Ecstasy”?
H: Of course we have the song on the album by the same name. But that wasn’t actually the primary reason. If you listen to this album to get positive, feel good vibes. We don’t mean the drug ecstasy! We mean the emotion. That’s the magic thing we feel about rock music, it brings you up, just like the drug! So, “ecstasy” is the headline for the feeling for the whole album.
How did the album form?
H: Normally we making a plan for which direction the next album should go. But with this one we didn’t. We didn’t even plan on writing a new album! Our old contract with AFM finished, we wanted to have a natural break and relax. Out of this relaxation, I started writing songs with Ande, and it felt super good because there was no pressure. We could easily do it, because we felt like doing it. We got about half the album done, and had some really good tracks. Then out of the blue, I got a call from someone who said we’re amazing and that they knew our contract had finished and wanted to sign us immediately!
Any particular inspirations or influences?
H: This is more or less a party and feel good album. Songs from Bon Jovi are always good inspiration. But we didn’t plan on pushing it in a certain direction, it just naturally flowed this way.
How have the fans during the tour responded to the new songs?
H: The response is really good! We have been starting with our radio hit back in Germany, “I’ve Got the fire” and it’s great for us because we love the song, and the fans go wild! We’re lucky with this tour as we have 40 minute set, so that’s eight songs, and half are new shit!
You have been touring all over the place, where has been your favourite, and why?
H: It’s always a hard decision; every country has its special elements that I love. I really like touring in France, for example, because the fans there seem to appreciate rock music a lot still, so they go super nuts in the shows. I was really impressed by Italy on this tour; we only played one show, in Milan. We’re the opening act, so it’s not common to have the room filled with people jumping”.
You’ve played in many countries across the world, where would you like to play?
H: I would like to play Brazil, as I have heard many good stories that rock and metal have a good standing out there, and that the people go f**king nuts out there! Bruce Dickinson once said, the further South, the heavier it gets! I want to feel that energy, not just see it on a screen.
If you could tour with any band, who would it be?
H: Powerwolf!” (i.n.: He answered excitedly, and we both laughed). I’m an 80s kid, so adore all my childhood heroes still, like Guns ‘n’ Roses and Scorpions. So they would definitely be on my wish list to tour with. But we will see what time brings! For now, it’s still amazing to be able to play a nearly sold out tour with Powerwolf!
So, I heard the band’s name ‘Kissin’ Dynamite’ was from the AC/DC song, after Andi Schnitzer’s ringtone. Was AC/DC also an influence to your music?
H: Of course! Everything starts with AC/DC, maybe everything will end up with them too! For example, my brother and I got into AC/DC at one of their concerts. When I was just six years old and my brother was seven, my dad took us to see them, as he was a big fan. So, we were just little kids in a massive sold out concert hall in Germany! This was when I decided that’s what I want to do. I listened to all his AC/DC albums and that soon led on to Scorpiona and such. And there was no way out after that. (i.n.: So, AC/DC were your gateway band to the world of rock ‘n’ roll!)
Congratulations on winning the Metal Hammer Award for “Best German Band”! What do you think it was that really set you apart from the rest?
H: We felt super honoured, as the list for nominees were huge acts like Halloween. I never thought we could win this award. We were so surprised to hear our name being called! And that makes us super proud, and no one can take it from us! It will always be in our discography.
Are there any genres, themes or instruments you would like to experiment with in the future?
H: You never know what you might get! So, possibly, but the biggest experiments are in the past. We had one really experimental album, “Megalomania” where we used synths, to push it in a super modern way. But it was too over the top. We have found our style and message.
To finish off with, what can fans expect from Kissin’ Dynamite in the future?
H: Super-hot, explosive live shows, great songs to come, and taking over the rock world!