Forever Still

Forever Still is a brand new female-fronted modern rock act from Denmark. Due to the release of their debut full-length album, Grande Rock got in touch with vocalist Maja Shining so as to find out more about this Danish newcomer. Read below for more…
Forever Still band pic
Hi Maja… it’s nice to have you on Grande Rock. Since this is the first time that we talk, do give us a brief bio of the band.
M: Forever Still is a melodic heavy rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. I started the band with Mikkel (live bass) with whom I’ve written all the songs. He plays every instrument in the studio and I write vocal melodies and lyrics. Together we manage everything in the band – recording, producing, mixing, mastering, videos, art, design, booking, you name it.
So far, the band’s line-up consists of you (Maja) on vocals, Mikkel Haastrup on bass & guitar and Dennis Post on guitar. So where’s the drummer? Did he leave at some point? Are you in search for a new drummer? And who played on the recordings?
M: Mikkel has played all the instruments on the album with a few additions from our live musicians. The band is Mikkel and I and we do both have a permanent live guitarist as well as drummer.
How did you come up with the name Forever Still?
M: We spent a lot of time brainstorming and we didn’t decide on the name until after we started writing the music, so we knew what kind of sound the name should reflect. “Forever Still” seemed fitting for the feeling of being stuck in a deep dark place and watching people moving right past you as well as recovering and getting to a place where you’re at peace with yourself identifying another feeling of being “Forever Still”.
Your debut album “Tied Down” features 6 tracks half of which have been released on the EP “Scars” in 2014 and the other half on the EP “Save Me” in 2015. So the 4 new tracks were meant to be released as an EP too right? How did the idea to gather all those tracks and release them as a full-length album occur?
M: We had the concept in mind from the get go and knew how we wanted each EP and the full album to develop. I think it’s important to be able to see the whole picture when doing a concept album for it to really work. The album is a journey from a pitch black hole filled with anxiety and despair to recovery and self-discovery. “Scars” is the dark and dreary beginning, while “Save Me” is an emotional roller coaster of ups and down and “Break the Glass”, the final EP, is about letting go and setting yourself free. We wanted to show that recovery is never one fluid motion but split into different stages and plateaus. We also wanted to release EPs to be able to give our fans music more frequently.
Are you gonna release a digital EP with these 4 tracks at some point?
M: Yes, “Break the Glass” as the EP is called will also be released as a digital EP for those fans who’re just missing the final piece of the story.
What does the album title “Tied Down” declare?
M: “Tied Down” is the overarching theme of the album and it’s about being tied down by others as well as your own inhibitions, and reflects on how to break free from whatever is keeping you down as well.
Do give us a hint about each track…
M:Scars”: Dynamic with surprising aggressiveness.
“Once Upon a Nightmare”: Revenge!
“Miss Madness”: Dramatic ending…
“Awake the Fire”: Power song…
“Breathe In”: … and scream.
“Save Me”: Super emotional…
“Your Light”: Bad relationships…
“Alone”: Deep, dark and bombastic…
“Break the Glass”: Music video with a twist coming up.
“Tied Down”: My current favourite – from fragile to heavy and dark to grand and epic.
Where did the recordings of the new tracks take place and who did the mixing, the production and the mastering on the album?
M: We have been recording in our own studio in Copenhagen. Mikkel has been in charge of everything surrounding production, recording, mixing, and mastering.
Do you think that having a great voice and the looks has helped the band overall? What’s better to have… the voice, the looks or both as you do?
M: Obviously the voice. Nobody is going to keep listening to someone for the sole reason that they’re pretty. It might snatch your attention at first when someone is good looking or a band has a good image, but you’re not gonna stick around for long if there’s no talent there. You don’t need to be pretty to do well in music, and I feel like there’s a particular pressure on especially girls to live up to a certain beauty standard and be judged by their looks and that’s just ridiculous.
You’re a band that always seeks new openings in order to play live. What are your touring plans?
M: We’re currently booking shows for our album tour and we’ll be announcing the first days already this month. I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be hitting up some new cities this year! You can help us make it to your city by spreading the word in your area and suggest your city to out touring sheet here.
How do you dream to see Forever Still in the near future?
M: We’re moving towards our dreams and goals every day, and we just want to expand and perfect what we’re already doing, since we’re already doing what we love. We would love to reach more people who might like or even need the music and we want nothing more than to travel around the world to visit everyone who enjoys the music.
How would you describe the band’s sound to someone that hasn’t heard you before?
M: Forever Still is a completely honest and emotional in-your-face heavy rock band which combines melodic rock with the heavier strains of metal, and atmospheric electronic textures. It’s a mix of brooding beats with lunging guitar riffs emotionally revealing vocals ranging from breathy and beautiful singing to scathing and aggressive screams.
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It’s time for our Weird Questions!!! Which one of the Goddesses from the ancient Pantheon would you like to be and why?
M: I have no clue which Goddesses are included in the ancient Pantheon.
Which are the best 3 female-fronted Rock albums of all time according to you?
M: I don’t have all-time favorites of many things as my mood is ever changing. But I’ll give you three that are great for sure – assuming that we can bend the word “rock” to our liking: Battle of Mice – “A Day of Nights”, Flyleaf – “Flyleaf”, Emilie Autumn – “Opheliac”.
Which do you consider to be the best female vocalist in rock history?
M: Obviously I’m gonna go with some of the gals mentioned above. Julie Christmas, Lacey Sturm, Björk… Very different and amazing in their own way.
Were you obliged to give just one album to extraterrestrials that would represent the whole human music, which album would it be and from which band/artist?
M: If they were like the aliens from Mars Attacks!, I’d give them any generic pop album and hopefully that’d be enough to scare them off.
Fill in the phrase… “Rock music wouldn’t have evolved the way it did, if it hadn’t been for…”
M: Electric guitars! laugh
If you could be any historical person, which one would you be and why?
M: Jesus! He can walk on water and I don’t like to get wet, so...
If you had the chance to travel in time… where would you choose to go? To the past or the future and why?
M: Maybe like 100-200 years into the future just to see what the world would look like when we’ve wiped ourselves out.
Which character from the “Game of Thrones” would you have been – if you lived in the Seven Kingdoms? The other guys from the band?
M: Daenerys because, well dragons… or Jon Snow, because he knows nothing!
Who is the sexiest Rock Star of our time and why?
M: Slipknot, especially that guy with the mask… who doesn’t like a mysterious man!
Which one of the Seven Deadly Sins you consider yourself to be?
M: Wrath! We need it to make our music…
What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
M: I once snuck popcorn into the movies I had brought from home.
Who do you think should make the first move? Guys or girls and why?
M: Who cares? Do your thing and fuck the stereotypical gender roles.
That’s all for now Maja. Thx for taking the time to do this interview. Say anything you feel like saying before we close. Take care!
M: Pleasure and thanks for giving me the opportunity! If you’re new to our music I suggest you get yourself a free sample here.