Devil City Angels

Devil City Angels is a brand new band, which features four renowned musicians on its ranks. I won’t name it a “super group” as today’s marketing suggests but I’ll stick with what the vocalist Brandon Gibbs told Grande Rock about it. Wanna learn more about Devil city Angels, just read below…
Devil City Angels band pic

Hi Brandon… good to have you on Grande Rock. Do tell us first when did Devil City Angels come to life and when did you join them?
B: I would say roughly about a year and a half ago.. I can’t really say I joined them at a point in time because Tracii & Rikki had an idea for something but didn’t know exactly what yet. So they called me and the three of us started having regular meetings on the phone about musical ideas and then when we got serious enough to round out a group, Rikki called my friend Eric Brittingham who I was touring with at the time to see if he wanted in on project as well. So over a year and a half ago and we all for the most part started/joined at the same time if that makes sense…
And how did you come up with the name Devil City Angels?
B: About 3 or 4 years ago, Rikki and I were chatting about doing stuff together in the future and he had an Angel based theme. I think he even bought a domain name at one point just in case. We started there… We were getting ready to hit record, and someone suggested flip flopping the name around. We were sitting on Angel City Devils… Then we thought, we are the Angels in the Devil City… lol!!! My Grandma’s were pleased to hear that I became an Angel finally… Lmao!!!
Do you mind if the fans call Devil City Angels a “super group” or no?
B: It doesn’t make a difference to me really. Four individuals from different bands and different musical journeys walking into a room together collaborating, is just a super idea to me… That’s all.
You are in the same band with Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns), Rikki Rockett (Poison) & Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Whitesnake). Was it stressful for you at any point – or there was music chemistry among you right away?
B: I have worked with Rikki before on other demos and played gigs with him with Poison and even little small acoustic gigs along the way. He’s also been a dear friend of mine for years. So it was just exciting to be kicking around ideas with him again like we have done for the last 13 years.
Tracii I had met only in passing some years back, but always enjoyed his guitar playing and his passion for a killer tone!!! Being a guitar player myself, I had some good anxiety to just get started because I knew we were going to have some really great chemistry together. I felt we would have a nice blend together and I was eager to learn some tricks from such a wonderful player.
Rudy is such a great guy and a heck of a player!! To be honest, I haven’t played a show with Rudy yet, we did a music video together and I’ve enjoyed getting to know him. He kind of joined up with us at the end of our touring. Great guy and once again, only good anxiety to get started…

By the way, why did you part ways with Eric and how did Rudy join the band along the way?
B: In the beginning we were offered a record deal on our second week of touring. We kind of put a lot of eggs in that basket because we really had no reason not to. So we continued to honor our commitments, creating music and making plans on our end. When that deal went south things started to get really frustrating for all of us because we were right smack in the middle of the record making process. Once we got signed I think it’s safe to say patience had run out with this project. I’ve worked with him for many many years and all I can do is say I respect his choice and I’m very happy with his playing on this record. He did an outstanding job as always. Rudy and Tracii had been putting a project together called Gunzo at the time. So when we found out about Eric, Tracii mentioned that he would ask Rudy. Rudy accepted the offer and joined us on our first music video.
The fact that this band consists of renowned musicians makes the fans more demanding in general. I’m sure you are aware of that. Did you have any special talks about the music style and the songwriting?
B: Yes, I wrote lots of this material prior to DCA and the fellas were all about these songs and re-recording them. They kind of gave me free reign to write what I felt like and or bring in an idea to one of their ideas they had going. We never talked about a song being “too this” or “too that”, we always had the understanding that we are for sure 4 rock guys and we used to say all of the time “hey, a good song is a good song”. That’s pretty much it!
Tell us about the songwriting part a bit. What’s the procedure that you follow so as to write a song?
B: Well, I try and stay true to myself, stay true to feelings or things I’ve seen that have had an impact on me. In other words, I don’t write about something I don’t know about. Now if I’m writing with other artists, I’m all about listening to their visions and help paint their picture. But when I write on my own, I try and create my own movie using life experiences as the outline… I love lyrics! I love the puzzle and the feeling when someone says “that song really helped me at a hard time in my life” or, “I had a horrible week and I just had to blast that song in my car the whole way home”. That to me means, these people trusted me for a few minutes and let me into their life knowing that the outcome will fill a void. I love that!
I’m sure you didn’t want Devil City Angels to sound like any of the members’ bands so how did you deal with that matter?
B: We never really had a rule for that to be honest… I think it’s a matter of not wanting to repeat something you’ve already done, but still show who you are and give a tip of that hat to what made you who you are. For instance, I still sound like Brandon Gibbs guitarist and writing partner of the Gibbs Brothers. However when we brought older GB songs to the table I wanted to make sure Tracii, Rikki or Eric had their opportunity to make it the way they see it. I even re-wrote bridges and things to make them fresh to my ears and soul. So, we never said, can’t use that bass part, it sounds too much like Cinderella… because that’s why we asked him to join..We liked his work ya know?
Please give us a hint about each track…
B: “Numb”: Hold on to your ass…
“All My People”: Join in or jump out…
“Boneyard”: A really fucked up Shawshank Redemption…
“I’m Living”: Life is good man!!! I’m Living!
“No Angels”: I love that girl, I’ll give her anything, but she’s in love with a jerk and I’ll never get her to see it. Pour me a drink and I’ll tell you about it.
 “Goodbye Forever”: How do you tell someone you thought was invincible and would be there forever “close your eyes and I’ll see you on the other side”…
“Ride with Me”: Hot girl, summer day, fast car what else to say…
“All I Need”: When you’re in love you somehow manage to say these feelings in your own words at some point. This is an attempt to put it all in song.
“Back to the Drive”: Sleazy Spooky & Bad Ass!!!!
“Bad Decisions”: What can I say… We’ve all been there!
Where did the recordings take place and who’s responsible for the production, mixing and mastering of the album? Are you satisfied with the final sound result?
B: I’m very satisfied with the end result. “All My People”, “Bad Decisions”, “I’m Living” & “No Angels” were all recorded at Tracii’s studio he was renting at the time. After that we moved to Rikki’s home studio and tracked the other six songs so we could jam a bit and not be too noisey… Cops were called several times at Tracii’s studio lol! Engineering done by Rikki, Tracii and a talented young man named Shane Fitzgibon. Producing was a collective effort. We all knew what we wanted to hear on there in some way. Mixing and mastering was a Nashville friend named Anthony Focx.
What are the band’s touring plans?
B: Sadly, I don’t have any news on that end of things. I don’t know.
Devil City Angels band pic
Devil City Angels are here to stay, right?
B: That I don’t know either… I support my brothers of DCA and all we do, if it’s together or apart. We are very musical people and right now we all are exploring bunches of things. Let’s hope!
What do you wish to accomplish with Devil City Angels in the years to come?
B: Just to continue to respect one another and see what life brings!
OK, time for our “weird questions”!!! What do you think of today’s new bands which try to sound & look like the ones of the 70s & the 80s?
B: To each their own I guess. Everyone has heroes right? If growing and progressing is what they want to do, eventually they will find their own identity. But hey, we all have heroes right!!! Fuck, I still want to be Batman!!!!!
What are those things that you do not like in the music industry nowadays?
B: I’ve been pretty blessed so far in music… All I can say is it’s a job like any other. If it doesn’t serve you are make you grow, probably time to move on. Be smart enough to know when that time is…
Which is the most underrated musician of all time?
B: Brent Gibbs…my twin brother was amazing! Life had a different path for him and he’s great at it. Very few know how great he was.
Which are the best 3 hard rock albums of all time according to you?
B: I’ll be here all night trying to get you the correct answer on that because I have so many.. Jimi Hendrix – “Are You Experienced”, changed my life.
Who is the sexiest female Rock Star?
B: Cherie Currie (i.n: She’s so hot along with Joan Jett & Deborah Harry)
Which do you consider to be the best rock vocalist in rock history?
B: Myles Kennedy is great!!
That’s all! Thx for taking to Grande Rock, Brandon. Keep on rockin’ dude & take care!