Blue Tears

It took us 15 years to listen to the second album of Blue Tears but it was surely worth waiting for it. One of my beloved hard rock bands of all time, a band that had the potential to reach the top... is here again! They won’t only release the demo songs of the past but they already have a brand new album on the way and judging from what I know, it’s going to be a rock dynamite! Gregg Fulkerson the songwriter/vocalist/guitarist of the band answered to our questions about the past and the future of the band...
Blue Tears band pic

Hi Gregg. After 15 years you finally managed to release the follow up to your fantastic debut. It’s better late ever huh? Why did you take the decision to release those demo and unreleased tracks after all those years? Do you believe that now is the best time to do it?
G: To tell you the truth, I’ve wanted to release them for quite a while… when Suncity contacted me it sort of pushed me into action.
How the story goes till you signed a deal with Suncity records. Did they persuade you to go on releasing those songs or it was something that you were planning to do all those years? Do you think that Suncity Recs was the best choice for you and for Blue Tears?
G: No, they didn’t pressure me at all, they are such nice, trustworthy friends of mine. I liked Suncity because it’s a newer company and also because I’m very close to them so that’s a good thing.
Why did you decide to go on with Blue Tears again, instead of releasing a new album with Attraction 65? Does this band still exist? Will you continue releasing albums with both bands in the future?
G: It’s very possible, right now I’d say no… Attraction 65… just because it was simply me exorcising my demons… and I’m in good shape now… no worries.
Have you ever thought of giving up music? I mean that times were tough for you’re the past 15 years or am I wrong?
G: Yes, I have around 92-93. I was taken advantage of lost everything I had… cars… house… wife…. etc.
Do you think that hard rock music is so popular nowadays as it was back in the late 80’s-early 90’s?
G: Not at all… I don’t see or hear anyone doing that… the 80’s were a golden time for everyone…
Are you totally satisfied with the album? Do you think that the production could have been better or you did the best that you could?
G: This album is just a collection of demos I recorded in my studio… on an analog tape… so I think the production is just as good… because of what I had to work with.
By the way, what’s your opinion about those MP3’s and CDs that are all over the internet and contain demo songs of Blue Tears?
G: If they want to get them, more power to them… the quality is terrible on those bootlegs…
Now let me take you some years back… If you hadn’t disbanded in the early 90’s how do you imagine that Blue Tears’ carrier would have been like today?
G: I don’t know… we certainly would have evolved over the years… I guess we are about to find out.
To set it straight, what do you think that went wrong and you didn’t made that big breakthrough that everyone was expecting from you in the early 90’s?
G: One word… Nirvana…. Pearl Jam… etc. even if we had stayed together… it couldn’t have gone far. That’s the year that even Bon Jovi and Def Leppard had trouble getting on the radio. (i.n.: Damn those bands that destroyed so great music in the early 90s...)
Do you believe that the comparison with Def Leppard and Bon Jovi was good for the band indeed or it just made you more anxious about people’s reactions in the future about your music?
G: It doesn’t bother me… never did… we don’t do impressions of these other bands. I learned how to sing along with Bruce Springsteen… that’s probably where the Bon Jovi comparison came from… Jon sings so much like Bruce… just in a higher key… I love Jon’s voice… and Bruce’s voice.
Do you consider your debut as a classic hard rock release as many people do, like me? I have also presented it in our site’s Hall of Fame section.
G: I’m flattered by that… but I don’t really think it is… although there are obviously people who consider it to be. (i.n.: Yeap, that will be me!)
What was the big secret that made people never forget and love so much Blue Tears despite their long absence from the music scene?
G: I don’t know… maybe the songs really reached some of the people… songs about growing up and coming of age…?
Which kind of rock music do you prefer the most?
G: Music with intelligent lyrics… good melodies… U2… Bruce and the E Street band… Bon Jovi… John Melancamp.
What is missing from today’s music industry and most albums have not that quality that they used to have back in the 70’s and 80’s?
G: Well bands, singers… all the dancers on stage is just something to add to the show since there really isn’t anything else going on… and these young kids don’t know the difference, unfortunately, between music made with instruments… hip hop… is basically disco!
Which are the top 5 hard rock albums of all time according to you?
G: Bon Jovi – “Slippery When Wet”
Def Leppard – “Pyromania”
AC/DC – “Back in Black”
Meatloaf – “Bat Out of Hell”
Kiss – “Destroyer”

Do you prefer the 80’s era of metal music or not?
G: I prefer music that is very melodic, great lyrics… great musicianship… most of that happened in the late 70’s and 80’s, There have been some good bands since then… Creed, for example and Bon Jovi certainly carries on with that type of music.
If you were obliged to give just one album to extraterrestrials that which would represent the whole human music… which album would it be and from which band?
G: Two of them… U2 the “Joshua Tree”… and Springsteen’s “Born to Run”.
Which are the things that piss you off from today’s music industry?
G: Dancers… what’s the point? Lip syncing… songs that take old song samples and then just talk over them.
Gregg, thank you so much for everything. Please leave a note to Grande Rock readers… Take care!
G: Just looking forward to seeing everyone at Firefest… and the tour that will follow in the Spring… thanks for listening!