Bad Touch

Bad Touch are a dynamic and energetic rock band performing their second headlining tour. They have hit the road again after releasing their latest album earlier this year, called “Shake a Leg”. It was a pleasure to meet all the bands and other photographers, everyone was very chill and we just chatted backstage whilst they were prepping. Luckily the whole band was available for the interview, so it was great to get insights from everyone, and some funny stories! These guys are not only talents musicians and dynamic performers, they’re also genuinely friendly and funny. It was great fun hearing about how they formed, some funny tales from their past and hopes for the future. And I’m sure we’ll be seeing great things from this band in the future!
Bad Touch band pic
Where did the album’s title “Shake a Leg” come from?
S: This is first time the true story has been told, my Mum came up with it! We were just playing around with words and had loads of different ideas.
A: Feel good, rock ‘n’ rock, shake a leg, get up and go!
Was there any new techniques or themes you included in this album?
A: The songs were a lot more written, if you know what I mean, we spent a lot more time work-shopping them. Instead of just going this a great idea, let’s go for it! We stripped everything back and rebuilt them. And also we wrote the songs as we went, the album was written over 7 months. On the weekends when we had all finished work. So, it was a bit more scary, and spontaneous.
Was there a particular reason you started this album, or did it come together organically?
A: Well, we needed a new album! (he jokes, and we all laugh). And we toured loads last year, playing over 120 shows I think, so we didn’t have much time to write. We went into the studio on the first of January with two songs we had ideas for. On the first day at the studio, we said we have this idea and this is what is happening. The producer said they like this, don’t like this. Then we’d have a little argument and throw our toys out the pram then come back, and go back to the original idea! And that’s pretty much how it went!
How have the fans reacted to the new songs?
A: It’s been really good actually; we have actually played a lot off the new album on this tour. I was quite concerned, as the boys will probably know. Then his expression change, he laughed and said: Actually no, I’m lying, I was actually fore-playing all the new shows actually. Once we made the set list and we were playing 9 of the 13 songs on the new album, I was worried it would be too much. But it actually was fine!
How do you feel the industry has changed over your time as Bad Touch?
A: We try and stay out of it to be honest. We enjoy playing music, and writing it. So we just want to go out there and play music, and we let the industry do what it wants. But obviously some things do affect us too, like YouTube and Spotify. When we first started, was when social media starting growing in popularity. But when we started it was Bebo and MSN!
Future direction of the rock ‘n’ roll industry?
A: I don’t think it’s every going to go away. Chart success has waned, as it’s dominated by Pop. But it’s had a bit of a revival, and it’s definitely coming back strong. It goes through phrases of different genres. But there’s always been a scene there, and always people who want to see it. Iron Maiden can still pull thousands of people.
Do you prefer being in the studio writing, or on the road touring?
A: There were murmurs and votes called in both directions. Both are great, but we do play live a lot more so it’s more comfortable for us. With the studio, we only do it every now and again, but it’s great fun playing around and trying different things out. Shakers, bongos, any percussion instrument! Chuck everything in and see what works!
Any regrets on things you didn’t try?
S: Heroin! (and we all burst out laughing!)
M: I regret standing on Rob’s amp many years ago and falling off it and breaking it!
R: I regret…”, he pauses for thought or dramatic effect, “nothing!”, he laughs.
G: I think everyone makes mistakes, and instead or regret them, you have to learn by them. If you don’t, you’re never going to get better.
How did the deal with Marshall Records come about? What are the things that you’ve gained with this cooperation?
A: With Marshal, we already had a contact there. And from there it’s now grown, and they’ve offered us a contract! And free beer! They just brought out their own beer, and gave us some free samples!
So, the band name is a bit unusual! Where did the name Bad Touch come from?
A: Every time! Just a random name generator on the internet, an old singer came up with it. We were 16 or 17 at the time, and the rest of the band loved it.
How did the band form and take shape?
A: Me (Stevie) and Rob went to school together, and started the band many years ago, and we’ve had many different line-ups since then. George was next – he lived in the same town and looked up to us in our band and how amazing we are. “The sad thing is, I actually did!” George replied.
R: We needed a new drummer and put an ad out, and George must have only been 14 at the time so we took him under our wing. But he’s actually a great drummer!
You’ve played some of the best festivals, such as Ramblin’ Man, Wildfire, Amplified and Cambridge Rock? And which was your favourite, and why?
A: “Download” was immediately called out, with lots of murmurs of agreement. Someone shouted out “Sunkfest!”, which was answered by a very loud and excited “Sunkfest, Yes!
It was your first headline tour last year, how did you find it and what lessons did you learn that you put into action for this tour?
A: We were a bit worried for our first headline tour last year, you go out on the road but you don’t know if anyone’s going to buy tickets. When you’re supporting someone the pressure is on them, but when you’re headlining the responsibility is on you to get the tickets sold. But we were overwhelmed by the amount of people that came out for it.”
Must have been amazing touring with Skid Row earlier this year, if you could tour with any band, who would it be and why?

A: Headhunters!” was called out straight away, which was responded by “but we’ve already done that twice!”, which was followed by “and I would do it a third time”! We literally just love touring, so any band that wanted to have us, we would be grateful to play. We’ve met so many lovely people. If you do everything, you will never regret anything!
Is there any genres, themes or instruments you would like to experiment with in the future?
A: The hurdy-gurdy!”, he laughs, “But to actually answer your question seriously. No not really, we love what we do, and we like the fact that it’s simple. We just write what we want to write and it happens to fall into a certain genre”.
To finish off with, what can fans expect from Bad Touch in the future?
S: More music! Bigger and better things.
R: “Hoodies!”, someone shouts out, and laughs ripple round. Yes, they can expect hoodies, as they’ve been asking for years.
D: We’ll keep on moving up, keep the hard slog going. We’ll be back on the road, with plans to get to Europe. Then world domination – it’s like Binky and the Brain!