Aherusia are a musical collective that has been around for quite a while now, releasing albums that seemingly have won them high acclaim in the Greek extreme metal community, placing them only lower than Rotting Christ and Septic Flesh. Deciding to take a decisive turn in their career, they return with a third album “Prometheus”, a concept album, entirely written and sung in Koine Greek that offers a twist in the myth of the Titan Prometheus and tries to be an allegory about the times we live in. Curious by the unique approach of mingling folk with metal in the way that they do, Grande Rock sought out Voreas, the band’s lead guitarist and singer, to find out more. We just didn’t tie ourselves on a rock to do so…
Aherusia band pic

Congrats on “Prometheus”. Seriously it’s one of the best things I’ve heard in recent years, easily surpassing the latest Rotting Christ albums imho.
V: Thank you for your kind words, you honor us greatly...
Please introduce the band to the international audiences.
V: Aherusia is a Folk Metal band with post, epic and black metal elements. Our main characteristic is that we yearn to combine traditional hellenic elements with metal in our music.
The band has existed since the 90s, with a MLP, but only did debut 10 years later? How so?
V: Thinks had to slow down since we were studying, so everything was difficult to be achieved as far as it concerns recordings, promo and touring. Nevertheless, Aherusia were evolving their sound/material and were giving shows, all across the islands of Aegean Sea (ss we were students in Mytilene).
Also the members of the band have changed quite a bit, but you’ve always remained there.
V: Well, those things are of no importance. Some of our members set different priorities in their lives. As a result to that, keeping up with Aherusia, became difficult so we had to split our paths.
Are you so to speak the captain of the good ship Aherusia?
V: Yes, although I would like to share more of my responsibilities with the other band mates. To be more of a musical collective if you will.
Did you ever get confused with a Russian (I think) band called Acherusia?
V: No, never and that is very good. Many reasons such as quality, originality and music genre (as well as spelling), helped us not to be confused by our fans with the other band.
“Prometheus” is your newest album, after a small period of relative silence with few gigs etc. Were you on hiatus so to speak?
V: It takes a lot time and effort to prepare the songs of each album; I never like to rush things. So, for each of our albums, it takes some years to process things the way I want and you know sometimes “life” also gets in the way.
Lately you’ve been appearing with 2 percussionists and one guitar? Why is that?
V: Because we can... hahaha!!! Actually, we like to experiment with our sound on stage, it is not the first time that Aherusia, have that kind of “odd” stage composition. Trust me we gonna continue do that perpetually.
“Prometheus” is your first, concept album, how did that idea come along?
V: “Prometheus~Seven Principles on How to Be Invincible” is our third concept album. We’ve never released a non-concept album. We always want to process an idea concept in our music. The myth of Prometheus was always something that moved us, so things just followed the flow. However it’s the most “focused” of all our efforts, the previous albums had a common theme – but this follows a specific “story”.
Could you “describe” the themes of the songs in some detail and explain why you chose to use Common Greek (more or less a form of Ancient Greek used in the New Testament/Bible – original texts)?
V: Well, as in every of our albums, we experiment with melodies, rhythms and modes of traditional hellenic folk music; for this album, we got involved with the most, since we experimented, on Thracian ways: bayduskha, podaraki. On Aegean sea modes: zeibecico, tsifteteli, aptalikos, karsilamas. On continental hellenic ways such as: epirus minore etc. We are very proud of the result, since applying those to “rock/metal” ends up sounding quite original. It’s not as if we copy things note for note, we take an idea or a certain way of composition and we apply it to what we “normally” would do – so it’s “creating” something new in a certain way. We wanted to make an album in the hellenistic language (Koine Greek), because this was the first universal language, spoken after the years of Alexander the Great, all across the known world at that time. We think it signifies an element of unity of the people and nations of that time. It could be so “again”.
Wouldn’t that make the material not as accessible to a foreign listener, or do you think they’ll find it more exotic?
V: There are bands out there having their song lyrics in German, or in Norwegian or in Polish etc... and it doesn’t seem to bother people. I don’t see the point to write lyrics only in English. I don’t give a shit if it sounds more exotic or not. This was our way to approach the whole concept and we stuck with it. However on the CD there’s a modern Greek, as well as an English translation for people to “follow” up what is going on in the story. We felt that using Greek fit this concept, but on future releases it might be different. As long as we approach the subject seriously, it’s not an issue for us.
Is the story allegorical? Do you think it’s applicable to modern times?
V: The way we approach the myth talks about how fear is casting a shadow over our lives. The concept is all about how mankind should embrace its mortal nature and its virtues, ceasing the pointless pursuit of superiority and immortality as it is vain.
The whole undertaking suggests a person who has classic studies or at least has done some serious degree of research on the subject, so I guess the question is did you consult with someone in creating “Prometheus” or do you possess that sort of education yourself?
V: I possess the ability to create the lyrics by myself, since I studied a lot of those things during my University studies (undergraduate as well as postgraduate). But just to make certain, I asked for the opinion of a couple of literature masters too, to avoid typos etc. There’s the syntax of one sentence which might be somewhat dubious (although it’s not mistaken – just unusual) as someone has pointed out, but you know what, Poetic License!
Why did you decide to go with a small Greek label and not try to sign with a foreign one or DIY.
V: Actually we want things to be hands on. We’d hate to have to follow someone’s orders. Secondly, we are not that big a band yet, so that we could easily be in a major label with terms that suit the band.
In recent years, mp3s/the internet have caused quite the upset on the whole scene. It’s easier to promote yourself, but it’s also devalued music’s worth and a pay to play scenarios seem to be the norm to get on the road, these days, how does a band like you survive this?
V: By working hard in order to keep us on the front line of things happening... and also by having special prices for people who want to buy our staff. If people want to support you, ultimately, they will. It’s made things “harder”, but sometimes you have to “fight” for what you believe in.
You’re releasing a vinyl if I understand correctly and a dual CD? Can you explain the perks of these editions?
V: The album was too long to be released in a single vinyl without omitting, editing or seriously compromising the sound. Since the CDs tend to be underappreciated these days, as a product, we would like to create something that would attract the buyer, in both cases, so our CD edition is dual; it has also both a modern Greek and English translation in the booklet, and also has a second CD featuring a post metal largely instrumental version of the album, with a quite different mix.
The vinyl – which was mixed and mastered specifically for vinyl – unlike so many vinyls these days, was cut using direct metal mastering and comes in a nice gatefold cover and also includes the CD, so you can listen to it in your car and elsewhere and there’s also a digital edition, that’s just the album on its own.

Are you going to tour in support of the release? When should we expect Prometheus live – and will you be performing the entire album?
V: Of course we wish to perform the entirely of our album on stage, but first we decided to stage the album in the form of a theatrical play that we’ve created along with a team of talented actors. It’s based on the concept of album and features all songs. After those performances stop around March, we are gonna play some local shows and undertake many smaller tours as well as appear in some festivals around Greece and abroad.
About that theatrical play, give us more info about it!
V: Prometheus offers Fire and Logic to the Humans, as they emerge out of Chaos. Mankind allies with the Immortals, against Darkness. But soon the communion with the Divine will in turn make Humans to desire the immortality and omnipotence of the Gods, while at the same time, it makes them hate themselves exactly because of their mortality, and their perishable nature. This human will lead them to Fear and to commit abominable acts that in blind panic. Therefore, Prometheus will put under oath all the rest of the Immortals to stop every contact with the mortals, while he chains himself on a Rock, “assumes” a mantle of pain and deprivation, intending to teach a tough lesson to Humanity, hoping that humans will learn to appreciate and respect their nature again.
Thus, begins our story, describing the uncertain journey of Mankind to consciousness as we witness the torture of the benefactor Titan on the Rock. Will the Sleeper finally be awakened? Fear is just an option. The play is a modern approach to the interpretation of the myth of Prometheus, waging a critique to the phenomenon of post-humanism, while it is also based on the myth of both “Prometheus The Pyre Bearer” and “Prometheus Bound”. The play combines ancient Greek drama, musical, motion theater, dance, narration and video art, creating a recreational form of communication that, in its expressive diversity, is trying to bring the viewer back to his existential quest, lost long ago in these times of fear and manifest emotional uncertainty.

Finally in our times, the world seems to become a darker, more violent place and there doesn’t seem to be a messiah/ a titan that will either sacrifice himself to save us... what do you think will happen? Will the world be purged in the fires of a war or similar catastrophe?
V: It is impossible to know, it’s all down to options and following the virtuous and not the easy path. But I refuse to surrender. I refuse to stop trying. I hope/wish that people who try for the best are plenty, and will grow in numbers.
Time for our “weird questions”!!! If you could live in the past or the future, what choice would you make and why ?
V: I wouldn't alter anything. What is done is done and the future is always in our hands. I hope I can make the best choices in the present.
If you could change something in the modern music scene what would that be?
V: Piracy and illegal downloading. Haha!
Which record you wish you had written?
V: “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son”. Love the Irons!
If you could live out a myth, which one would it be?
V: Perseus I suppose… Got ya! You thought Prometheus, eh?!
Best Three movies ever?
V: Prometheus, Braveheart, El Cid.
If your wife or GF sold your albums or guitars to buy something expensive for her how would you react?
V: By selling back what she sold in order to buy again what was mine, or by killing her if I got in a rage (just kidding-not)!
Salute the readers – thank you.
V: Fear is nothing more than a choice. Horns Up!!!