Month: May 2020

Submitted by thanos on May 10, 2020
Hi guys, it’s great to have you on Grande Rock. You did a great job on your self-titled debut (read the album review here)! Kudos!  Angelo: Thank you so much! It took my whole life to write, so I’m overwhelmed by the response! Now it’s just about making sure the 2nd wipes the floor with it! ahaha… Read More
Submitted by thanos on May 2, 2020
Hi Philippe (aka Mr Strangler) and welcome to Grande Rock. Well, it seems that the “Mr Strangler” trilogy has come to an end. How do you feel about it?  P: Happy and quite sad! It was a great adventure. 3 albums, 12 music videos, so many remixes by so many great bands: Stabbing Westward, Chris… Read More