Month: June 2019

Submitted by thanos on Jun 30, 2019
Hi Marc and welcome to Grande Rock. As you already know “Wars in the Unknown” has been added to our “Gems” category, which means that the album is among the best releases of 2019! How does it feel to return TTD to active duty?  M: It feels great. We put a lot of work into the album and it really… Read More
Submitted by rockavlon on Jun 23, 2019
Hi Jimmy… congratulations on your great sophomore effort. “Pyramid of Terror” has been chosen as the Best Album of the Month on Grande Rock!  J: Thank you very much!    Firstly the band went through some line-up changes. What prompted those and was locality a main factor in your decision about new… Read More
Submitted by rockavlon on Jun 2, 2019
So, what’s up with Holocaust? You released a follow up to predator in four years, while it took you three times that long to follow up “Primal” (incl. changing the bandmembers). Why did it all take so long?  J: There were many contributing factors to the long break. So far as I could tell, at the… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Jun 1, 2019
Hi April and Loren, I’m glad to have you on Grande Rock. How do you feel now that your new album “Transitions” is out?  A: I would like for people to hear all 10 tracks if they haven’t already, tracks like “Animal”, “Telekinesis”, “Bottomline”, “Medicine Woman” and “Dancing Alone”, again all could… Read More