Month: April 2019

Submitted by al on Apr 29, 2019
Hi guys, congrats on your new self-titled (“DbW”) album. As you already know we have chosen it as the “Album of the Month” on Grande Rock!  DBW: Hell yeah man, thank you!!!    How did you decide to release a special edition of your new eponymous album with three bonus tracks?  Rob: We released it… Read More
Submitted by rockavlon on Apr 26, 2019
Lance congratulations on “ReProgram”. It is your second solo album. Tell us a few things about its creation. What exactly spurred you back into solo action after a number of years? How long do you reckon it took you to come up with it and if it wasn’t a gradual over the years effort?  L: Time got… Read More
Submitted by ellen on Apr 13, 2019
I absolutely adore the new album. It’s dream mix between death metal and melodic, fantasy style of music. So, it would be great to kick off with some questions about the new album. I love the mix of death metal and lighter fantasy style parts. Is there particular reason you chose to include the… Read More