Month: September 2018

Submitted by thanos on Sep 9, 2018
Hi Bruce and Gavin, I’m really glad to have you on Grande Rock, Congrats on “Dissolution” as well… it’s a captivating album on the whole.  B: Thanks a lot – we are all very proud of it.  G: Yes we are very pleased with the outcome of the record.    This is the first time that Gavin contributed to… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Sep 3, 2018
  Hi Ronnie and welcome to Grande Rock. First of all, kudos on your new album “Temple of Lies”, which is one the band’s top works in general.  R: Thank you very much! And hello to all the Grande Rock Rockers!    It’s not so “common” to release a new album every year, but it seems to work out well… Read More