The New Roses - Nothing but Wild

The New Roses Nothing but Wild cover
The New Roses
Nothing but Wild
Napalm Records
I was a little confused on whether these guys were an offshoot of a British rock band, but a look online revealed them to be a German band, that’s been around for around a decade, touring hard and rocking quite hard as well, with a somewhat weird Southern Twang about all they do… maybe they’re South Germans :D (I didn’t go into which township exactly they’re from)…
At any rate, while the introductory song, “Soundtrack of My Life”, feels insanely pedal to the metal in an almost Airbourne sort of way, it’s follow up “Can’t Stop Rock & Roll”, which isn’t a Twisted Sister cover, feels like it’s taken it’s “Hot Blooded” blueprint a little too seriously… Foreigner called – they want credits.
“Down by the River” is a lot more country rock inspired, think of Jovi trying to be Springsteen (what he’s been trying to do most of his career)… these guys are doing it.
The title track feels very Quireboys-like down to the inflections, which sounds very Spike-like. They’re pulling it off beautifully so who am I to complain?!
“Heartache” keeps its southern rock hat brimmed way down low, and does it’s ting without much ado… managing however to sound like the ideal mix between Jovi and Nickel-what… the right amount of bravado, in order to not be taken as a joke.
“The Bullet” is something that weirdly sounds like Skynyrd – if they were a lot more polished – in a Def Leppard/Bon Jovi sort of way.
“Running out of Hearts” is in a similar vein as well, but with a bigger emphasis on the big 80s hook and not so, on the rural free spirited approach.
“Unknown Territory” has a more thumbing and driving rhythm, without swearing of, it’s blue collar cred.
“As the Crow Flies” adds a bit more gasoline to the mix, a little like The Cult used to channel AC/DC… and it’s pretty cool because of that while it flows quite nicely into the groovy and heavy as funk “Give and Take”, which feels like the inbred kid between Tesla and ‘tallica...
“The Only Thing” goes all ballad and Bob Seger-y, well meets Aerosmith maybe?!
“Meet Me Half Way” continues down the country rock road, feeling like what a hickey Bon Jovi’d come up with, if he had hired a guy from Brittney Fox.
“Glory Road” mixes The Eagles with Jovi and Springsteen for a more electric/Amaricana, sort of vibe. Funny and even a bit scary, how close these Germans can come to the “real thing”…
“Down by the River” and “Fight You Leaving Me” are both offered in acoustic renditions, with an extra amount of pathos. The result is reminiscent of what Quireboys often do, but the vocals are cleaner and a little more like Thunder’s Danny Bowes timbre wise.
If you’ve been disappointed mostly from Jovi in the past few years, I guess these German “cousins” do an almost fine job channeling the hickier aspects of his mulleted majesty... nowhere as anthemic, they do a good job, sounding grittier. If a mix between Jovi, Tesla and Skynyrd sounds like something you’d kick out the jams to… this ain’t bad… not bad at all…